the difference between tekton pendragon and double impact

I currently own a pair of Pendragons and I'm considering a pair of double impacts.
Does anyone have experience with both speakers? If so, is it a move up?
Hi scarbpaul12,

The short answer is YES.  Eric's new break through design used in the DI's is a qualitative shift from what you hear in your Pendragons.  I have reviewed the DI's, ULF's, and Impact monitors and they all received five stars because of their superlative performance.  

I had shared on the DI's thread, when asked this very question, that I never was a fan of the Pendragons because they have what I call a "HiFi" sound that reminds me of Wilson Speakers, they do everything right except make music.  The DI's, when driven by the right gear, serve the music in much more natural, realistic manner and completely disappear like a great stand mount two way speaker.
thanks teajay.

 I think the tekton speaker discussion has been out there so often it's ran out of steam.
 Regarding the Pendragon's, while there has been alot of positive things said about them, there are some that don't like them. On the other hand, the DI's tend to get positive feedback.
 That may answer my question.
 On the other hand, I'm curious to the difference (as you did point out) does one speaker do somethings better than the other? Do the DI's out class the Pendragons in all areas?
 Has anyone preferred the Pendragons to the DI's.
 The issue I have with the Tekton stuff is that it's tough to demo, and this is a situation where I would like to hear a pair of DI's.
 I'm in Toronto, and the cost of the Tekton speakers are significantly higher by the time they get here, compared to the US cost.
 I'm getting into a price range (used) where I have a lot of choices of great sounding speakers.