The difference between Magneplanar 3.5 & 3.6R

I recently traded Martin Logan SL3's for JM Lab Electra 936's and, for the most part, am very happy with the Electra's, especially with their reproduction of the high frequencies. I have missed, though, the sound, however one wants to describe it, of the electrstat and ribbon speakers that I've mostly used during the past 20 years. Several days ago I auditioned a pair of Magneplanar 3.6R's and am convinced that, if I could find a way to justify the expense, I would own them w/o hesitation. In reviewing what's available on the used market, I came accross MG-3.5's and would like to know how they compare with the new 3.6's. I would be driving these with a MacCormack DNA-3.
Hi, care to tell us why you got rid of the MLs, and how you would compare them to the Magneplanar 3.6? I'm trying to learn more about "panel" speakers.


Before you plop down some cash on the Maggies, take a listen to
Eminent Technology LFT-VIIIa's -- they utilize double-sided
magnets just like the Maggie flagship 20.1 --- the ET has been
very favorably compared to the Maggie 3.6 even though the ET
retails for $1500, less than half the cost of the 3.6.
Just a thought