The details of selling/shipping overseas

I have a credible individual interested in purchasing my amplifier.

I am in the USA, the potential buyer is in Japan.

This item is heavy and expensive.

Based on experience, I am looking for recommendations as to how to handle the safe shipping and the safe transfer of funds.

Any input would be appreciated.

I sent a package to Hong Kong but not sure how that compares to Japan. I used USPS Global Priority & it arrived in 3 days w/ no problems whatsoever. It was also the least expensive way to ship at the time, which has been about a year.
A few years ago, I sold a very heavy Keith Monks Audio Labs record cleaning machine to a buyer in Germany. The buyer wired transfered the funds to my bank account, and in turn, arranged for the shipping via BAX Global. He prepaid the shipping, insurance and any duty/VAT. BAX came to my home with a truck, picked up the machine, I signed off on it and it was delivered to the buyer in Germany within 10 days, with NO damage.
DHL is another company that is reliable and inexpensive.
The trick is that most shipping companies like BAX and DHL work only with companies, not individuals.
Have the buyer prepay through wiretransfer from his bank to yours. See to it that he carries bankcharges, which are quite stiff and have him pay shipping through Bax Global, which will pick up the goods and deliver house to house.
Can vouch for BAX on the receiving end, bought some amps from UAE with no problems. Very reliable, Charlie
I'm a US citizen in Singapore.

Detlof nails it on the head. Wire transfers are commonplace for even consumer transactions outside the US. The reluctance of US sellers to use them is due to having to release the bank name, your account number, and address to the seller.

However, since this is the #1 means of transferring money in commercial transactions for the last 90 years with trillions(yes) of dollars being transferred every week, you can take it as a given that it is perfectly safe. Usually the funds will be in your account by end of day and you can then ship.

BAX global is the best, from the viewpoint of the buyer as the cost is half or less as compared to UPS. If the buyer is willing to pick up at the airport, the charges can be halved again.

A typical power amp will cost $300 to ship from the US to Hong Kong or Singapore by UPS; about half that by Bax Global, and less than $100 if the buyer is willing to pick up at the airport.

All the buyer has to do is to click on the shipping link on the ad, which will take him to the BAX site.

Of course, there are other companies too, such as Cox and Kings etc.