The Denon POA 8000 mono amps?

Can anybody remember these and how they sound?

They where each 248 watts class A and very nice looking.

I own the IRS Beta and I want to use them on the high/mids.

What do you think???? Thanks for the imput.

Gorgeous amps.
Well made.
Very good as bass amps, but the mid and top were not very impressive.
brian is accurate on all 4 points. you'll not have to search far for amps that mate well with EMIN's & EMIT's.
Hi, I have a pair of this wonderfull Amps. My english is not so good - sorry ! These Amps are a bit powerfully than the Poa-6600 / A. More deeper Bass and more crisp highs. Is easyer to hear longer sessions, the amps never nerve. It´s sounds a little like Tube-amps whit the power of the big DENON - monoamps. They runs very hot, but is imposseble to break it. It´s normal in class A secriut. They were sell 1983. limited of 250 Pair cost 5500 $.
I have Pair POA-8000 ,,Exactly very good stuff,but with 200W they can't handle B&W 8's
I always thought tubes were the way to go for for the top end of the IRS. In fact tube amps that are especially soft on top have been suggested.