The Denon DL cartrige family as a few members,

and they all seems to pretty much share the same compliances and voltage output.
I own the most innexpensive of them, ( DL 103 ), and wonder if anyone as experienced this one as well as the others, to comment on their differences, thanks.
Actually, there are 2 distinct groups within the DL family. The DL103 or DL103C, and the DL103R are very low compliance cartridges(5cu), and the DL103S and DL103D are mid compliance cartridges(15cu).

I have used the DL103 and the DL103R, and found the DL103R to be much better in the high frequencies and also in general tracking ability.

I'd certainly buy the DL103R model over the standard DL103, if I were to go into that area again.

I have a review posted on the DL103R in comparison to the DL103 in my Review section.
I simply could not have ask for more, merci monsieur TWL.
If I may be allowed to supplement TWL's post then:

The Denon cartridge members are: DL-103, DL-103D, DL-103R, DL-103S.
DL-103C is a conical stylus MC cart. Hence the "C" designator.
DL-103R has PC-OCC (pure copper using Ohno long-grain copper casting) coil wires, which is the best rendition of this classic broadcast quality cart.
The DL-103S, to the best of my knowledge, uses silver generator wires hence the S designator.