The Denon DA-309 Tonearm - Supposed to wobble?


I have a Denon DA-309 tonearm on my hands which is in impeccable cosmetic condition but it wobbles from side to side at the pivot point. This is especially notable when adjusting the tracking force weight. I'm not sure what is implied by "Dynamic Damping", but would anyone know whether this behavior is normal on this tonearm? Or is the bearing assembly shot? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Mark: I owned that tonearm and the trouble you have with it is not a normal behavior IMHO seems to me that unfortunately is a bearing problem: out of work!.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks for the response Raul. Would you have any idea as to the cost and difficulty to fix this problem?

Dear Mark: I can't help you about,sorry. Maybe some one here at Agon knows who could help you.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Reviving this old thread. I just got a Denon DA-309 tonearm and it also wobbles at the pivot as described above. Maybe it is the same arm (???). Anyway, if somebody can answer this question, please let us know. Thanks
Dear Ebugebuy: The tonearm can wobble because it's part of the design after/before ( I can't remember if after or before because I have not anymore. ) the tonearm bearing but not at the bearing ( where are the lateral screws. ). At the bearing must be no single movement in the Denon or other tonearm.

Regards and enjoy the music,
The wobbling like you said years ago is correct. It is actually not a normal behavior. I found a japanese website showing a disassembled tonearm pivot. So, I went to a tool store and bought a spanner screwdriver and allen wrench. I removed the cone tip set screws on the pivot sides. The set screws were not properly engaged with the bearings, so that was the reason for wobbling. I cleaned the bearings (so tiny about 3mm dia) and reassemble the set screws without applying too much torque. The bearings could be destroyed if not careful. So now, the wobbling is totally gone and the tonearm moves smoothly as it supposed to be. At first I thought it was normal but when I read your old reply that it is not normal, I begun my search for answers. Thanks for that hint. Note: If somebody will disassemble the set screws, make sure that you don't pull the tonearm away from the main shaft too much. You may accidentally break the thin wirings that runs from the tonearm to the main shaft. There is very little allowance or slack for the wires. Also, it is advisable to keep small tools like jeweller's set, allen wrench etc around. This tonearm is assembled as a machine and it may need a little tightening here and there. I felt like a mechanic afterwards. If there is a miniature torque wrench, you'll not hesitate getting one just for kicks. =)