The demise of "Fi Magazine"

Since I recently renewed my two year subscription to "Fi" magazine, what will happen to my payment? Are they going to transfer it to another magazine or can I consider it lost?
I would suggest writing to them and requesting a refund on the unused portion. You might get something back, no guarantee but if you do not write I doubt that there is much chance at all Regards Don Burner
What happened to them, I thought they were doing good?
I recently received my first issue of The "Audiophile Voice". It came with a letter stating that they acquired the subscription responsibility for Fi customers. They also said that I would receive the balance of my subscription in the form of Audiophile Voice (issue for issue)
Great looking magazine, maybe too commercial. They knew of many great products, yet failed to let consumers know of them.
fi was great, should have known whe hp showed up that it was dead in the water. tas has happily remained, iind of like jay leno (ARSENIO AND LETTERMAN ARE GONNA KILL OFF JAY!) tey all screamed. haahahaha. who's still there? johnny groomed him right didnt he? glad harley went to the truly authoratative spot he deserves. tas is more, especially than stereophile. they both have me for the duration. whiiiiiiiine............! audio magazine is gone, what a loss. o goody, more issues of s and v.... is there an emesis basin handy? hey! even gordy went to tas! dont get me wrong, i dont pant at every word nor believe it all, but be honest, its as good as it gets. imean except for the audio critic. nnnnnnnnnnnnottttttttt! ok, if theres something just as good or better out there, tell mew. maybe borey will go there to review nudell products. lighten up arnie, lifes too short. and we all know that was hp with the quad headphones for eyes, dont we? just like a favorite radio station, the dont always play what we want, but we dont tne out for a long time. frnak sinatras faltered a little, and they all wrote his epitaph in minutes. whats rong with people like that. then there once was audio adventure. really liked that one. when ultimate audio, or was it extreme audio, appeared in the middle of it, i thought--ohoh! but i kept up my hopes. goat a few free TPVs out of that but would really like to hear a miiler apology.
Mine was replaced by The Audiophile Voice.
aud vce is a poor and thim replacement for fi. and while were at it lets hear an apology from miiler for aud advntr. thanx hp for staying in the swim. thanx petersen for making stphl as cheap as it should be. screw s+v for the offer to fll up the audio scrip i had just responded a 3 yr extension to. now theres deterioration!
Fi lacked a point... It never seemed to follow any type of format. Didn't hold (most) readers interest. Subscriptions weren't renewed, and they disappeared.
BTW, when they closed, we never got anything for our remaining owed issues.
If you called them and cussed them out, it probably didn't help, IMHO.
I did call them. Got no where. Maybe if I pushed a bit more (to who?) maybe I would have gotten somewhere, but you can only spend so much time on a lost subscription, and 10 minutes was about our limit. Anyway, Fi wasn't the greatest magazine, but I like reading almost any hifi magazine, so it's too bad they are gone.
I like audio magazines too, Brian, but good reviewers matter more than the magazine they write for.
Yes, and these reviewers just continue to rotate from magazine to magazine. It's sometimes difficult to remember who is writing for who these days.