The definitive "Time Out" Release

Hello All, Yes, I'm referring to Dave Brubeck's Time Out, as I have a number of releases on CD, Gold CD, and a few different iterations of LP's, both original releases, and re-issues.

Two re-issues that have raised my eyebrows, and some interest, and specific inquiries about, are the 4 LP 45rpm Set, and another I have seen as well on "Quiex" 200g Vinyl?

Has anyone compared these to the originals, and what is thier prognosis of sound? Thanks folks, Mark
Haven't compared it with the original, but the 45 rpm reissue on Classic Records is excellent, and I think it would be safe to say it betters the original at least in the areas of dynamics, transparency and bass extension, given my experience with the other Classic reissues vs. the originals. Probably won't be as warm as the original, but I have rarely thought of Columbias as warm-sounding anyway. My only complaint about it is having to get up to change sides too often! Their 33-1/3 releases are top-notch as well, well worth owning. I like them a lot, and friends who remember the original and have heard it at my home remark at how good it sounds, better than they remember.
I have the original issue. It is still perfect. Never heard a better one.
the very latest columbia re-issue is better than the classic vinyl re-issues or the earlier columbia gold cd. i have them all, and an original lp as well.
Have you heard the sacd version (I think there is one)?
Agree with Rcprince's comments about the Classic Records 45 rpm reissue of this, it's exceptionally good in all the areas he described.
I have the original CD, original LP, 20 bit CD and the SACD. The original LP is awesome but if you don't feel like cleaning it and changing sides, the SACD is a great alternative. The SACD does blow away the other two CD's I have. The definition, bass extension and feeling of presence is amazing.
Yep. Classic Records got the 45rpm reissue right.