The Dali cd Vol 1

I'm looking for The Dali CD Volume 1 "In Admiration Of Music". This is a sampler cd and I can't find a copy of it anywhere. I would be happy to purchase this if someone has it or a good copy. If so, please let me know.

Me either? Did you have any luck? I'm still looking for a copy.
Mike and Hal,

I,too, am seeking this disc. There is a vol3 on eBay now.
it would be of interest to learn the number of discs in this series? I will continue to watch both amazon and the bay -should you guys come across any of these titles -contact me.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Still looking for that Dali CD Vol 1? I have one and perhaps sell it.
I am- tj0705. i would like to buy it. Are you in the USA?
I sent you a private message (PM)- tj0705

Thank You!
This scumbag is in Germany.
It has been a while but since anyone is still looking for Dali Cd vol.1 , I have one in mint condition. If anyone is interested mail me

Greetings from Istanbul
Thank You- kemalsckn
This scumbag is in Turkey.
One on ebay uk now - does not appear on google when I search for some reason
I am still looking for this CD- guys.
I am still looking for this CD.
I am looking for CD 1 to 3. I would like to buy it.

let me know if you purchase the CD 1.
Happy Listening!