THE CURE - 4:13 - Latest album - opinions

The new Cure Album is pretty good. The opening track is amazing as is most of the album - pretty out of the box for the band IMO. Sound quality to me is very poor - very compressed and bass heavy - boomy and just shrill at times. Anyone else with an opinion? I love the Cure, they are one of my all time favourite bands but perhaps its just meant to be played in the car and very loud - distortion and all - but certainly not audiophile stuff IMO. Even their remasters are just OK. With classic albums like Disintigration, its really too bad Smith can't get it together to put out something that sounds clean. But maybe thats his intention... who knows

Good listening
Doubt it's his intention to put out a bad sounding disc. You know some of these guys get old, they don't know any better. A producer telling them it's got to be loud, tells them they need to sound like this or that or their album will slide off the face of the earth along with their careers (think of Tom Petty's last album), then they pretty much get talked into releasing this dreck.

I've been pretty disappointed by some of these classic artists releasing stuff sounding like this. I bought the lastest Pual Weller - 22 dreams - and it's heavily compressed and boosted. Metallic I expect this stuff but not some of these artists that previously exercised a little more subtlety. I bought the Amy Winehouse disc - Fade to Black. I have to say it's the most compressed super-boosted album I've ever seen. The low level for the VU meters is 0! The only way to think of it when listening is as if it's a really old mono album. Her style of music lends itself to that interpretation. Still just embarassing for the artist to not know any better. In her case, as a kind of wasted Ing'enue, yeah, I understand. But still it's not the way one hopes SOTA production is going.
come on, be real. the world's best artists. give me a break. turn you audio system on and enjoy. they could spit into the micrphone--it be fine with me.
the new cd is great....remember, 90% of all music is not listened to on conventional 2 channel stereo.
90% of all 'Cure' fans I know are not really bothered about hi-fi and the quality of discs, they are more interested in looking good whilst out at the graveyard late at night or hiding in the corner of their tiny dark rooms with a ghetto blaster playing all their doom and gloom whoa is me cd's.
Not bought/heard the new cd as yet. Disintigration is a seriously good cd as is 'Mixed up'.
Enjoy the music, that what its all about.
I enjoy The Cure when they are drenched in dirge like keyboards ala Bloodflowers which in my opinion is a masterpeice. The new album only features keyboards on one track but I like it. It is getting better and better with each spin. If your a cure fan you should enjoy this straight ahead offering.
i've got mine on pre-order from idealcopy. still waiting. it's the "audiophile" version on SHM format....whatever that means. i can't wait to hear 'underneath the stars'. that track takes me back to disintegration. enjoy!