The Cox Family "Gone Like The Cotton"...The Lost Album

I admit that I had never heard of the Cox Family until I read an article about the making of this album in the new absolute sound magazine.

Intrigued, I went to Tidal and sure enough, they had it.

From the first listen I was hooked.  Talk about catching you off guard and by surprise. What a marvelous album. Excellent songs and great harmonies.  

The recording is SUPERB! Wide, deep soundstage, ambiance out the butt and fantastic imaging.

If you like Americana/Blues/Folk/Rockabilly, you should really enjoy this record.

Please read the TAS article about how this album took over 17 years to make and finish. With many trials and tribulations, deaths, accidents, ominous record companies and with a little help from Alison Krauss, this finally became a reality.

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@Mofi - I listened to it this weekend after reading the same article.  I agree with you on both the sound and content.  I just wish this much care were put into all recordings (although the projects that Alison is involved in are better than most).  Dick
Listening now via Tidal through Roon. Wow.

Thanks mofimadness for the headsup.