The Cowboy Junkie, anyone???

If I could buy only one of The Cowboy Junkies CD. Which one should I buy? I more interesting in sonic and silky voice.
Your input is truly appreciated,
Trinity Sessions, Hands down, and try and get it on vinyl!!!
Awesome music, excellent recording. If you system is even reasonable resolution, on the first cut side one Dying for gold. The air handling system can be heard.

OR try the " Studio " album. selected studio recordings 1986-1995. this was my first and it hooked me.
I agree the two mentioned above by Loontoon and Snooker14 are both excellent. It just depends what mood I am in.
Pale Sun Cresent Moon is good Black-eyed man is good ...hell there all good....try te new one Open that was just realesed
Trinity Sessions. I don't know about the availability on vinyl, but it is available on a Canadian CD import which is much better than our US Domestic version.
"The Caution Horses" on CD. I also agree with "Studio- 1986-1995" CD; this is close to a greatest hits album and is well recorded. "The Trinity Session" is great music and certainly one of the 'Junkies best, but it has a little too much recording noise on it, IMO.

Abstract7-- where is the Canadian import version of "The Trinity Session" available from? I'd like a CD of this one with less recording noise. Thanks, and Cheers. Craig.
I think I bought it from Music Direct. It was a few years ago. It's a gold CD--not that it matters--but it is much better sounding than the domestic (US) version.