The cost of LP's and CD's - an observation

Back just before CD's, Albums were usually around $6-8.00, cutout less, double albums a bit more. When CD's first came out they were 'premium' items and cost $10-15.00, slowly the prices for CD's came down and records slowly all went down to a buck or two then disappeared. Now it's reversed, CD's are a few bucks, new Albums are usually around $15 to 25.00. (I didn't figure out the inflation rate, someone else can add that in) . And those cutouts can now be worth a small fortune. I just thought this reversal was interesting. Of course with Streaming, music of any quality is very cheap.

And I remember the price of a CD being raised to $18.99. I believe Tower records initiated this with the record labels. That’s when I stopped buying new discs.
I buy used CDs on Amazon and rip them to HD.  Ripping program can "renew" pretty much all CDs, while used scratched LP cannot be repaired.  That makes cost of CDs way lower.
Currently it seems that good vinyl and many SACDs are about the same price $30 USD. The average cost of an album in 1976 was $5, with inflation, it would be currently $22.87. For me, buying selected cds at regular price runs between $12 - $16 online as there are no decent music outlets here.
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How can you be price gouged on a non essential discretionary spend?  MFG cost for intellectual property is meaningless.

Consumers were price gauged with the cost of a CD. It cost the label about $1.50 to manufacture a disc including packaging.

Comparing the music of the last 60 years to "Classical" is a bit disingeous. Music survives due its inherent quality not the quality of its recording.
My question is the hybrid solution to digital "sound" the introduction of tubes in the pathway? 
Vinyl cannot be the end all technology, despite its recent resurgence. Plus not sure most vinyl users get the same experience as those with uber systems. My vintage Thorens needs some upgrades to possibly equal my Tidal experience.