The cost of LP's and CD's - an observation

Back just before CD's, Albums were usually around $6-8.00, cutout less, double albums a bit more. When CD's first came out they were 'premium' items and cost $10-15.00, slowly the prices for CD's came down and records slowly all went down to a buck or two then disappeared. Now it's reversed, CD's are a few bucks, new Albums are usually around $15 to 25.00. (I didn't figure out the inflation rate, someone else can add that in) . And those cutouts can now be worth a small fortune. I just thought this reversal was interesting. Of course with Streaming, music of any quality is very cheap.

Listening recently to:

Baaba Maal: Missing youRokia Traore: Beautiful AfricaMary Halvorson: MeltframeJohn Daversa: CuarentenaKurt Elling: The Questions (studio album)
Jessie Reyez: Being Human in PublicRosalia: Los AngelesBeyonce: Homecoming Live
Not arguing that music in the golden age that @mikelavigne refers to was not beautiful.
But the relatively recent releases I list are skillfully recorded and feature beautiful music.
Does not make sense that human ingenuity in music was restricted to a specific, limited span of decades. Making music is a human feature. Not likely that the human gene pool would change in this short span of time to limit musical ability.
My listing of Beyonce will likely elicit some snickers. But listen to that album. It's a recording of her concert of Coachella. She sings backed by a marching band. Consider how difficult it is arrange pop music for a marching band so that the vocals and other aspects of the music are not drowned by the brass or drums. Consider how difficult it is record. Check out Beyonce's talent and pleasure in playing with English when she raps in moments. Check out the rapid transition between songs, rhythms, and keys. Her singing is not as powerful as Arethra's but still remarkable. The album is a tour-de-force.

no doubt there is 80’s music i like, even love. and plenty we might all agree is beautiful. i own lots of it.

but the 80’s was not a time of huge artistic changes in music, and the best and brightest of a generation were not music makers. they were on Wall Street or writing code. the process of music making was dumbed down and made relatively trivial. pro audio guys in the 80’s were throwing away their reel to reel decks and tube mixing consoles (or were new and never even worked with them so did not appreciate what they could do) and loudness wars reigned supreme. one piece of a recording was made in this town, another in this other town across the country.

Michael Jackson and Madonna were King and Queen. god help us. :-)

your honor, the prosecution rests.

btw; i truly enjoy Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s music.......but it’s pop stuff.....guilty pleasures. not epic. not even close.

the best of the 80’s mostly started and flourished in the 60’s and 70’s first.
If CDs are recorded in 24/96 or higher. And you have a very high quality dac it'll sound as good as vinyl or better.
+1 havoc, and for a lot less money.
And there were record lovers who 
cleaned their new vinyl, applied “Last” to the pressing before it’s first spin, put in a blank cassette and recorded the music for future 
use.  Putting the album and jackets both in plastic sleeves for pristine copies.
Occasionally I would pull the vinyl out for another listen when in the mood.