The Contour System – Directional Wiring of Audio Parts

Hi guys!

The topic is about subjective homemade research of conductors directivity. I know most people don't believe in such phenomena so probably the story is not for them but for those who find it unbearable to listen to imperfect sound of chaotically directed wires and components.
As for me, I hear direction difference distinctly. The matter started from interconnect cables quite long ago, after a while I added to my research inner wiring of loudspeakers, then discover the importance of mains cables direction. After all I decided to find the directions of all the wires and components of my pretty vintage DIY tube mono SE amp and after everything had been done I drew a resulting schematic and wrote the article. It was in 2005, I have translated it in English only now. Hope you will find the article useful or just enjoy it.
Here is the Link:
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The person who posted that comment on telephones was from the USA.
I guess he's old enough to know what the U.S. analog phone line sounded like.

You are doing nothing more than romanticizing a bygone era.
There is a bit of romance, of course, the grass was greener, the girls were younger )). But no more than that.

Old analog PSTN was pretty awful, almost all aspects of it. Low sensitivity microphone, low bandwidth, very low signal to noise. Modern communications, especially some of the Internet based voice platforms are so far ahead in voice quality a comparison is laughable. You were evaluating the liveliness and "fullness" from 300Hz - 3000Hz. Think about what you are implying. You are honestly comparing that to what is typically 50Hz - 7KHz, often with much better SNR, if not even wider bandwidth?

Yes I am. I see that you can't believe that a less technically advanced device can sound better. I guess all the cables sound the same to you and have no direction, right?

Hihi, you‘re dead on the money and I am loving it....
What a great read, breath of fresh air.

This guy thinks like a "Left Handed Master Mechanic"

Rare sort of bird..

Thank you OP for your open minded approach to a long over due LOOK at WHY?..

I’ve always said the same thing. A person can call you on the phone 50 years sense the last time you spoke, amazingly you instantly recall his or her voice... THAT ability is DEAD on in regards to the way a construct can sound.
MEASURE THAT.. You can’t. It is directly associated with a FEELING a true 6th sense.. Honestly I have a 7th sense about people too.. The reason I like animals.. They do not lie..

I personally look at the wire and you can SEE the way the material is drawn through the different tool dies, you can SEE the direction.. Tool marks don’t lie either.. Peoples good or BAD hearing might not always hear a difference, but after building a valve amp (per se)
and sticking to the rules of "LOOKING" at the wire being used, it can make a heck of a difference..

James B. of Ampizilla, only drew wire off the spool in ONE direction AFTER he looked at it under a microscope..

He is also the guy that WELDED in his power cables and believed in cold fusion weld. Solder was an afterthought..

50 years ago.....50 YEARS AGO....

THAT was a serious amp builder, Single malt didn’t hurt either

Single malt is directional unless you overdo it: down the hatch!