The complete Europe '72 recordings

Those who really, really, really love The Grateful Dead -- did I say really -- will wish to take a look at the following:
i've got a lot of dix pix, all 3 from the vault, and quite a few bootlegs, and i have to admit 'rockin the rhein' is one of the best...fantastic DStar on it.

the band was definitely ON in 72. best year ever? debatable (i'd put 71, 77, 72 in that order---big pigpen fan here)
The cost of this '' Box Set '' is $450.....I have my doubts as based on the quality of sound, quality of shows and the fact that Rhino is piecing shows together for their '' Road Trip Show '' disc's, which I think stink....$450 is allot based on what has been coming from the GD Vaults of late. I have all of the Dick's Picks and Box Sets, etc...but they may just be scrapping the bottom of the barrell on this one. I have not been impressed with Rhino's efforts with their music as of this date.
Do people have thoughts on which Dick's Pick's are best sonically? I've logged a lot of hours with egregious sounding tapes :)

The Europe 72 tour was all recorded with 16 track. My read is that these recordings will be revived using state of the art techniques. These performances and sound quality should make these gotta have. But sorry I am not going to shell out 450 bucks Can't imagine explaining this to my wife! Could you imagine the ups guy bringing this one to the door? Best dicks pick is the 78 shows in terms of sound quality. Right before they moved to cassette for recording shows. The dp series is NOT multitrack. It's processed 2 ch The road trips series is pretty much straight off the tape and is individual best of tour material. Highlights. I agree the rockin the rein is fabulous.