The Coherence system Add Powr Sorcer X4

I picked up this guy about 6 months ago because of the high praise from owner of this unit here on the ’Gon.


I started with the symphony Pro then to the X2 and finally to the X4. I plug into the outlet that my Bybee Stealth power conditioner is running off of, a Quantum science red outlet.


The Sorcer x4 is an electrical environment conditioner that adds harmonic resonance to the AC power line. Traditional AC line conditioners only offer RF/EM interference and noise filtration and surge protection. The Sorcer x4 offers three approaches, algorithms, or programs to affect electrical environment tuning and harmonic resonance. 


The pro made a positive impact right away and learned that Bill at Add Powr was the builder of all the Nordost power units that sold for huge $$$ back in the day.


I then moved to the X2 and was shocked on the increased SQ the unit was doing to my system. It behaved like the SR PC SX I had but didn’t thin out the sound in any way like the SX. I sold thee SR SX and bought the HB Design horizon passive power strip. I now had better SQ with this set up.

Bill hooked me up with the X4 with a trade in and now I was hooked for life.
😂😂😂😂😂😂 is what one does when you hook up this guy into your system. A drunken state of joy comes over you. You don’t need the audiofile lingo, terminologies , all you need to know is that you need to go out and get one whether it’s the X2 or the X4 and experience music as you’ve never heard it before in your system. A 30 day return is at the backend of this that you’ll never have to use because of the addiction this unit brings with it.


The foundation of your system will be high end with the ADD POWR X4 at the Helm of your rig. It made a bigger upgrade than any cable or component I’ve installed into my system.


I did unplug it a few weeks back and I lost so much Glory that I quickly plugged it back in.


You've nailed it. That is EXACTLY the same experience I have. What used to be "excellent" sound is just ordinary...the X4 Sorcer is a game changer.

The change is in the harmonic content brought out in the sound.

And, as a bonus, it is compatible with most other tweeks, AC cords, and power conditioners.

Power conditioners are fine for what they do - but that is all they do. They do not address harmonic content..

I have a Sorcer X4 and Wizard. The ADD-Powr technology is utterly and shockingly amazing in the breadth of tits impact in my audio system ....Whenever I unplug either or both, every time the sound collapses. It becomes just good sound - far below what was heard only seconds before.  Sonic details, imaging, transparency, depth, sound staging, etc. disappear. When re-plugged, the Sorcer , within 5 seconds, restores it all.

I know a fellow audiophile that has two, yes TWO, Sorcer X4s in his system! He says that it took the sound to another level of sonic excellence, if that is even possible?!

Has anyone else tried the product?




running Two x4 units is my goal. This product along with quantum science audio red fuses are breakthrough tweaks that brings ones system to incredible heights and depths.

You won;t be disappointed, I'm sure.

And you will find that video streaming and blue-ray viewing improves image vividness, color clarity, dimensional, etc...

Tell me about it...

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@Ozzy, who is also a fan of Sorcer X4 says the main benefits occur in lower frequencies. Do you find that to be the case in your systems?

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The benefits are in the entire frequency range. Indeed, there is a noticeable improvement in the lower frequencies. Huge sound stage expansion, i.e. more dimensional.

After reading all the great reviews, I purchased a Sorcerer X4 and it was so much more than expected as most of you agree. I was really curious about running 2 Sorcerer so I sold stuff to purchase another one. Yesterday, I finally got it and set them up side by side. As both blue lights are blinking, I was blown away into the different dimension. I thought my system sounded flat without the sorcerer, now I find my system sounding lack of life without the second one. It is crazy how I got used to the live sound so fast. 

I guess you can not unheard what you heard. I gave in to the magic of sorcerers and that led me to the dark side. They will forever dominate my audio system and the whole house.....