the clue by Sjofn HiFi at RMAF

Hey, first off, full disclosure. I'm a friend of Sjofn Hifi, but have no financial interest in their business. OK, that said, was anyone at RMAF and went into room 427 to listen to (the clue)? I was there helping out for the weekend and the first time I heard it I was stunned. I'm interested in hearing anyones comments about what they thought...

Anyone hear anything else they loved?
I pretty much hit all the mini-monitors. I was impressed with several of them. I actually did sit and listen to the clues for several songs. They sounded quite good. I'm always happy to see a design that can be used against a wall as that is necessary for some people. I didnt actually listen with my own music so I couldnt establish a base line that way. I would love to audition them in my own room just to see how they stack up. Inexpensive good sounding hardware is always a welcome sight.
They did sound good for their size and a real value,though the booz did help tune the ears. In general, most of the rooms with bookshelf monitors and mini's had a better overall sound(minus some the lower octive)to me than most of the floor standers. Probably the room size/acoustics was the major factor for the difference. My vote for bookshelf design goes to the Joseph Audio Pulsar's although not mini's.
Can someone list the specs on the speaker?


86.5dB; 28-32hz (room dependent) up to 32khz (or higher I believe); 103dB SPL; not dropping below 4.2 Ohm

I can't remember the cabinet dimensions off the top of my head, but they were about 14" high x 12" deep x 10" wide. The speakers were simply placed atop normal, no-frills speakers stands with fairly inexpensive damping feet under the cabinets. Spikes also would have been fine. Funny enough, because the carpet was so smooshy in the hotel room, we had to run out to Lowes to get some thin fiberboard to stabilize the stands. So, no effort was made to especially damp them from the floor. The cabinets are extremely inert.

All those numbers are from memory from the weekend and I believe they are accurate. For a more complete discussion of "the clue", you can contact Lars Erickson at
I popped by to room to 'get a clue' and was pleasantly surprised. Very even sound. I listened to one of my audition tracks there and left with a smile. Nice job for the price ($999, I believe).
Hey Texas. It's great that you enjoyed the design and the sound. The $999 was a "show special" and it has returned to normal retail of $1500. For an official statement on the current price, anyone whom is interested should contact Lars Erickson through his address at the website.

Arfan.......I too loved the pulsar, but at $7000 they were in a different classification. The Lsa1 statement were exceptional too. There were certain things that were missing(to my ears) but They were overall very musical and had plenty of bass. I wanted to pick up a pair at the 40% discount they were offering, But I've got speakers stacked up like cord wood at the moment.
Anybody else get to hear (the clue)? Looks like a very clever design. I'm curious how resolving or "fast" they can be with that room coupling design. Also, you tend to think, in conventional speaker terms, that near-wall placement sacrifices stage depth. Any impressions?
My friend and I thought they were a joke. We were out of that room in less than a minute. We just didn't get why anyone would want to listen to these.
Anybody using these in their rig these days? Interested to hear how they're working out for you, if so. Thanks!