the cider house rules of highend audio

ok, some of you may not wish to admit it but, if you’re anything like the foster families with whom i’ve lived (alas, reviewers all), you are drawn to my electronic components by characteristics other than their sound quality. some preferred the remote control of my pre or transport, others were attracted to the lcd/digital readouts or really big meters and yet more went for the “sensuous” feel, or absence of it, of my controls. or so I’m told. i can’t quite figure out the combination. i thus implore you: please, please tell me, you princes of maine, you kings of new england, what are the things, besides my voice, that make up the “cider house rules” of componentry that might lead to my adoption?
It looks as good as it sounds! any good tool that's used often, you have to integrate into a user's modus operandi seamlessly, unobtrusively, and maybe even pleasurably; quirkiness is tricky, but can be overcome (eg that damned ratcheting sound of my Aleph P) if the user takes a balanced (uh oh!) approach, and you've an abundance of attributes. Cute thread, Cornfed, and thanks again for the F-Four tip. Ernie