The Chord Co.

I've not seen anything posted here regarding ICs and S/C from The Chord Co. (UK firm). I do know a few people, mostly Linn afficionados, who use these cables, but I can find no reviews, comparisons, views, etc. Anyone out there with any experience with these cables?
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I currently use a Chord Company Odyssey biwire speaker cable. In general Chord cables are great value because they have no specific character of their own. They're just good/very good at everything they're thrown at, surely when you take their price into consideration.
I did test the Nordost Blue Heaven speakercables last weekend however (here in Belgium nearly 3x the Odyssey price), and it surely injected lots of air,detail and definition in every department without making the music sound harsh. Maybe worthwile to investigate to get rid of that darkness you were talking about (but without putting in brightness).

Kind regards!