The choice of a discrete op amp to replace the op amp chip.

Hello friends. This one is for those who want to experiment with their audio devices. I wanted to try to listen to different op amps at the output in my DAC. Initially, the manufacturer installed the Muses 8920 chip. A completely dead product. Next up were NJR MUSES03. They were not happy for a long time. Then I started listening to discrete op-amps. It became more interesting. Listened to Burson V6 vivid Bright, detailed, not much tired. There were also Sonic Imagery Labs. Liked these. And then I got to Sparko's Labs Dual Discrete Op Amp SS3602. I received them and thought: how tiny, what to expect from them? From the first hour of listening I fell in love with this sound. Perhaps the next one will be even better.


Burson Audio out of Australia make some excellent discreet op amp replacements. 

 Supreme Sound Opamp V6 - Burson Audio

I've used a few over the years in various components with excellent results. they are much larger than a chip op-amp though so check if you have room, but they do have extension cables for them so you can orient them differently. 

Yes, I suppose it depends on the surrounding system what sounds best. You preferred the Sparkos, as did a friend of mine. I tried both Sparkos and Sonic Imagery and preferred the latter. I thought it was more neutral sounding. Different systems, different ears, and so on.

But I thought both Sparkos and Sonic Imagery were very good.

I have mono Sonic Imagery in my DAC, and Sparkos at the output. Sparkos seemed to me sincere. I'm sorry I don't know how to post a photo here.