The Chieftains on Tour

I caught The Chieftains show last night at Chicago's Symphony Center/Orchestra Hall. I am ashamed to say that it is the first time that I have been to Orchestra Hall since the much-hyped renovations. The acoustics are excellent, albeit with a distinct treble bias. (For a reference on a hall with a distinct low-end bias, check out a show at the Aragon Ballroom.)

I was a bit anxious about how The Chieftains would fare without the dearly departed Derek Bell. A rather capable harp player did some admirable pinch hitting (I forget her name), but, of course, Derek Bell’s multi-instrumental talents were sorely missed.

A Chieftains gig is usually a story of guest performers, and at last night's show, Allison Moorer stole the show. Here is a voice of power and depth. It was my first time seeing her live. I went out and purchased her most recent album first thing this morning. I do not know if she is joining the Chieftains on all the shows on the current tour, but if she is, I suggest that you do not miss them.

Every time I hear great musicians performing in acoustically superb conditions, I find myself wishing that I would spend more money on concert tickets, and less money on audio equipment and recordings.
Thanks for the Heads Up.

Tweekgeek I just noted your post. I saw them this evening in Melbourne Florida. The show was fabulous although I thought they were a bit overamplified, always one of my pet peeves in such a venue.

For added flavor they had a local group of young clogging students and a local Harp player. The musianship of this group is absolutely incredible, no wonder everyone wants to jam with them. Indeed Allison Moorer has a very distinctive voice at once both powerful, and rich with wonderful pitch and tone. My wife, a singer herself was quite impressed and she isn't very easily. Highly recommend this tour to Chieftain fans and non fans alike, you won't be disappointed.