the cheapest amp to drive watt/puppy 7

hi I put here another though about the amp for w/p 7
different from the previous question of "best amp", I would need you guys suggestion about the "budget" amp for the speaker. I am currently thinking the Mcintosh MA 2275, any opinion? Please advise
Probably one of the many Class D amps on the market.
I heard that exact combo and it is amazing. Very beautiful tone.

Just missing some bass control compared to their 402 SS amp.
I have not listened to Watt/Puppy but recently listened to Sophias 2 with the McIntosh MC275. Good match.
thank you all for the replys. I just bought my W/P 7 and since I run out of my budget, I have to find a cheap but good quality amp for w/p7. my system now contain: Sony SCD-1, Dynavector DV20xl catridge, Nottingham space 294 turn table, EAR 834P phono stage. Is there any idea about the BAT or JRDG integrated amp? Or, will Audio Research VS 55i do a good job for the speakers?
I normally listen to soft music and violin sonata. or piano concentra music..

thanks agian for your feedback
Hello Peishuin,

Try to contact Audiogon member "Jfrech". I know he used the BAT 300se to drive his W/P 8's for a short while. If you send him a email I'm sure he would be glad to give you the details.

Good luck,
There's a couple of pair of VTL 250 monos on sale here on audiogon, one the older Manley design and one pair the newer (not newest) VTL. Either one would be a great match. Even better would be the MB-450's. A pair just sold here.
I realize that these are not cheap, but to make a point on driving Wilson speakers. I have heard the Maxx's driven by Art Audio PX25 amps delivering 6 watts per and they sounded
fantastic. When I was listening I didn't realize that the Art Audio amps were even on. I thought that one of the other amps were driving these big speakers. So my point is, Wilson speakers are extremely efficient and for something as large as the Maxx's to drive effortlessly and deliver the bass in the tight deep precise delivery they are known for with 6 watts. I would say look for a lower powered amp and focus on sound rather than power. You have the right speaker for any amp, in my opinion.
Of those listed, I would do the AR VS 55i. Should be a nice match.
I tied a Jeff Rowland Concentra II on W/P 7's and it was a terrible match, which surprised me. The MA2275 is a wonderful integrated IMO.
thanks guys, your great input give me a lot of confidance about the direction I am going to. I will try Mcintosh MA2275 and BAT VK300xSE frist. How about the Mark Levinson 383? anyone have the experience? thanks again for your input!!
Levinson 383 NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

horrible amplifier, flat and grainy
so far, we all talk about North America made amp, is there any one has experiences about the non-USA made integrated amps? both tube and ss. thanks
(specially would thik about Jadis, Audio note, MBL or others)
I have owned the BAT VK-300se, McIntosh MA6900 and Krell KAV-400xi, all at approx. the same time. All three were used to drive a pair of Wilson Audio Sophias, and all worked very well at moderate listening levels. The BAT may have sounded the best (tonality, clarity, texture & holographic-sonics) up to low>moderate volume-levels, it went into shut-down mode twice, and went through 2 tubes and 1 fuse, in the brief time that I owned it. The McIntosh sounded nice in a classic hi-fi sort of way, it didn't strive to be realistic-sounding as the other two amps., it was too laid-back and uninvolving for me. This amp. simply did not provide the imaging, dynamics and bass that the Sophias are so capable of, and would shut-down (protection) when driven to moderately high levels. It did however have very good microdynamics and was always pleasent sounding and never harsh. The Krell worked best in my large listening-room and with my listening preferences. It had very good imaging, dynamics and bass, it filled my 5.5K+ cu. ft. Room with sound, and it never ran out of steam, blew-a-fuse or shut-down, with the right source material, it was quite realistic sounding. I believe that the Krell retailed for less than half the cost of the other two Amplifiers. This is where I would start.
I can attest to the fact that the Audio Note Meishu amplifier is among the best I ever heard but at (an extremely robust) 9 watts you would not rock out with the WPs.

Every post I ever read on the subject seems to agree they are not especially efficient despite their friendly specs.
I've driven my WP7s with a Music Reference RM200 for five years and it is an excellent match. The 100 or so watts that it produces is enough to rock out with in my modest listening space, but it is equally good with opera, orchestral, jazz and blues music.