The character of analog and digital

Having just obtained some high quality analogue components, I want make some comments on the character of both analog and digital.
First of all it’s very difficult to speak of analog in general. Records vary widely (indeed wildly) in sonic character and quality. Digital recordings are much more uniform. When you play a digital file you more or less know what your getting. Of course some sound better than others, but there is a consistency of character. With records, it’s the Wild West. Variation in SQ and character are rampant.

Therefore it becomes very difficult to make generalizations on which categorically sounds better.


So, let’s all take a deep breath and not get bent out of shape because someone’s opinion is someone else’s truth.

Agree. But who here got bent out of shape? At least I did not detect this. Just seems various opinions and impressions were openly expressed as one would expect on an open audio forum. Certainly not a big deal.


 I love both my digital and analog front ends. It is about the music. No?

Charles, yeah, you’re probably right; a little (?)  hyperbolic of me.  I suppose that feeling that there is a “problem” at hand is not necessarily getting bent out of shape.  Maybe it’s me that gets bent out of shape at the frequent complaining about expressed opinions that differ from our own; as if not expressing an opinion/perspective is some sort of expression of a held higher ground.  It bothers me because I think it’s a shame that many audiophiles at not more open to others’ opinions/perceptions.  Counterproductive. 

How is this topic different than the “cables make/don’t make” a difference” debate?  Countless audiophiles feel that cables make an important difference in a system.  Yet, there are still some who insist that it’s not true.  How egocentric. Being more openminded is the way to a better appreciation of the very topic, even while confident in what we hear. As they say, you can’t prove a negative.  IOW, if you don’t hear it …….


I hear ya! I actually believe that we’re on the same page. I probably should have expressed my comments differently. When I said the topic of digital versus analog had become tiresome and stale I did not mean it as a way to suppress further discussion.

That is the whole point of these audio forums, lively and interesting (Hopefully) exchanges. Over the years these forums have served me well. I have found them for the most part entertaining and informative. Interactions with others has certainly expanded my knowledge base and level of awareness.

Perhaps it was my mood at the time, but I felt, here we go again with this digital vs analog stuff. I did not intend to be dismissive of opinions and perspectives of others. Carry on gentlemen. 👍