The character of analog and digital

Having just obtained some high quality analogue components, I want make some comments on the character of both analog and digital.
First of all it’s very difficult to speak of analog in general. Records vary widely (indeed wildly) in sonic character and quality. Digital recordings are much more uniform. When you play a digital file you more or less know what your getting. Of course some sound better than others, but there is a consistency of character. With records, it’s the Wild West. Variation in SQ and character are rampant.

Therefore it becomes very difficult to make generalizations on which categorically sounds better.


Opinions are not the problem, problem is judgements posed as an objective truth. Vast majority of us who have both digital and analog setups may not have optimized one to same extent as other, this colors our opinion. One should state as such, in my case digital superior to vinyl, I've never suggested digital objectively superior to vinyl. Fact is best audio system SQ I've heard has been vinyl sourced, I've also never suggested vinyl objectively superior to digital.


You make an excellent point. Our subjective opinions are mere reflection of our level of commitment and experience. I said it all along, The devil is in the details. In my case, for past 3-5 years, I was laser focused on pushing my digital to where it is today without even realizing that my digital has long surpassed my vinyl setup. Now that doesn’t mean that I no longer enjoy Vinyl, it just that my digital is now so much better in terms of connecting me to music that it is no longer about the source or a format. Once you get to this level of perfection with your choice of source, Vinyl or Digital; the only thing left to do is just feed your system with best possible recordings, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

The answer is simple, be confident in your perceptions. One’s perception can be one’s truth. Why should it bother anyone that someone else may have a different perception of what truth is? Good grief, we’re talking about audio, not world hunger.

Now, more to the point, I feel that digital and analog have intrinsically different sonic characters. To my way of thinking and given the dramatically different approaches to solving the same “problems” it is inconceivable that they wouldn’t have intrinsically different characters. The better the examples of each approach, the more subtle the differences; but they are still there. We are each particularly sensitive to different aspects of recorded sound for a variety of reasons. For me, it’s tonal texture and micro dynamics, for someone else it may be something different. We are each seduced by excellence in the areas that we tend to focus on, and tend to be forgiving of problems in areas that we don’t care about as much; areas that may be deal breakers for someone else.

So, let’s all take a deep breath and not get bent out of shape because someone’s opinion is someone else’s truth.


In continually upgrading my digital I'm hearing much greater convergence towards analog. Digital moving towards analog characteristics, I'm not hearing any of the negative characteristics commonly attributed to digital.

So, let’s all take a deep breath and not get bent out of shape because someone’s opinion is someone else’s truth.

Agree. But who here got bent out of shape? At least I did not detect this. Just seems various opinions and impressions were openly expressed as one would expect on an open audio forum. Certainly not a big deal.