The character of analog and digital

Having just obtained some high quality analogue components, I want make some comments on the character of both analog and digital.
First of all it’s very difficult to speak of analog in general. Records vary widely (indeed wildly) in sonic character and quality. Digital recordings are much more uniform. When you play a digital file you more or less know what your getting. Of course some sound better than others, but there is a consistency of character. With records, it’s the Wild West. Variation in SQ and character are rampant.

Therefore it becomes very difficult to make generalizations on which categorically sounds better.


@lalitk  Shazam, you got it! Both capable  of providing sheer bliss! Competition between my vinyl and digital setups certainly not zero sum game, total win win! I don't understand the need to differentiate, seems one would always have to be in analytical  listening mode to depreciate either format.


”seems one would always have to be in analytical listening mode to depreciate either format”

Very well put

I completely agree that both formats are capable of excellent sound and I do agree that the topic gets old…. for a variety of reasons. However, preferring one over the other, or simply recognizing the differences, and they do exist, does not mean one is “depreciating” anything. It is simply an acknowledgment of a perception. More importantly, recognizing and/or acknowledgment of this in no way has to mean less appreciation of the music. Isn’t this what this hobby is all about?

So, are we to conclude that any discussion about differences in cables, tweaks and other gear, differences that are often on the same level of nuance, is pointless? Moreover, the OP specifically addresses the issue of the perceived differences in character of the two formats. So, if there is so much aversion to discussing this ussue, and no disrespect intended, the question needs to be asked, why bother responding to, even reading, the thread?

When I  brought up the issue it was NOT my intention to determine which format was better, merely to compare them.  I guess, however, it was inevitable that an argument would ensue.

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