the changing sound of compoents over time

i have noticed changes in the sound of my stereo system, which i would not attribute to changes in the AC.

these changes are not temporary, as one might expect from changes in voltage, current, or others brought about by the actions of a local utility or increased current draw of a seasonal nature.

i am referring to the affects of oxidation and the degradation of solder connections.

i had an experience with cardas cables, which i would not attribute to a change of a temporary nature.

i had been using cardas golden hex 5 c interconnects, speaker cable, golden line cords, twin link interconnects and golden cross interconnects for at least 4 years.

these cables allegedly have a reputation for a "soft" treble response.

one day i was listening to my stereo system and i noticed a marked change in the highs.

this change continued for months. one day i decided to sell the cables.

this phenomenon was unsettling to me because i could not pin point the reason for the change in the sound i was experiencing.

i had a similar experience with a line cord, where several months after break in , i believe the "sound" of the line cord changed for no apparent reason. my friend suggested that cables ultimately "return" to a neutral presentation after some period of time, regardless of their sound after break-in. he said it had something to do with the dielectric material.

any thoughts on this subject ?
Try cleaning all your connections with Caig's De-Oxit and Pro-Gold.
Audio components change, whereas we, like Dorian Gray, remain the same forever.
Pabelson, An astute astute response. LOL. I'll be sure to stay out of the attic. :-)
Your hearing also change as you get older.
This sounds like mind over matter.
Very possible as oxidized copper is a much poorer conductor. Cleaning the connections may help some, I try to clean all mine every few months and it seems to clear up some haze. I have heard silver cables get softer sounding with age, and oxidized silver is a better conductor...who knows.
It's also possible that some corrosion and oxidation is taking place between the wire conductor and its termination over time. In which case, even if you clean the terminations the sound of the cables will still change.
hi plato, do you think that resoldering the wire/connector interface every so often may be beneficial ?