The CD you most listened to back in 2007 ?

Just curious about what others have to say. For me it was Neil Young's live at Massey Hall, just plain amazing, both for contents and sonics. Neil is alone with his D-45 Martin, and plays a perfect, intimate concert. Come to think of it make that the cd I most listened to in the last 5 years. Purchased the DVD also. Your pick?
Dinah Washingtons What a difference a day makes on a Verve Sacd. This is and old recording remasterd from the Mercury pressing. The song that does it for me and makes me Melancholy for that once someone in my life is the song
"I remember you".
Not that exotic, but I really enjoyed listening to the new Radiohead CD "in rainbows" For me it just might be the best Radiohead CD.
Third Road Home: Venus in Retrograde. Somehow this just got under my skin and became my constant companion.

Caught Vienna Teng a couple of times in concert, so her CD's were never far from my player either.
Well, I can't be positive, but my guesses would be:

Patricia Barber Cafe Blue for digital.

Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington Recording Together For The First Time for vinyl.

Back in '07 for me it was probably 16 Horsepower, "Folklore"...Hey, didn't "In Rainbows" come out in January '08?
Spock's Beard. I've heard about this band for a while, but the most I've heard about them was from this site. So, I finally bought the CD... this is some great rock music
Da Booty 17 smash bass hits
Led Zep III. Just amazingly great.
For the year it was buddha-bar VII,but the last two months of 07 it was Global Drum Project. Gotta love all that room shaking bass!
Probably a tie between The Faint - Danse Macabre and Fischerspooner - Odyssey.
Larry Carlton,Live Dead,a tossup.......
Donald Fagen - Morph The Cat
Johnny Winter - Guitar Slinger. I consider it his most underrated effort. "I Smell Trouble" may be the perfect blues song, IMHO.
Neil's Chrome Dreams 2. But then I am almost finished ready Shakey, his to date biograpy, and am going through a Neil Young phase.
Mavis Staples, We'll Never Turn Back.
Also the Alison Krass and Robert Plant album.
I just love both of these.
I don't remember listening to a CD . LPS only here.
Back in '07 for me it was probably 16 Horsepower, "Folklore"...Hey, didn't "In Rainbows" come out in January '08?

Yeah but they also released it as a download a few months earlier. I burned a copy and played the heck out of it in my truck.
For me it was probably "Neon Bible" by Arcade Fire. Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky" was a close second.
Herbie Hancock's "Gershwin's World" ... very well recorded mix of vocals, instrumentals, and a nice piano solo at then end. Real good stuff.
Dexter Gordon ......"One Flight Up"

Versatile Heart by Linda Thompson
Lucinda Williams by Lucinda Williams
My best guess is that this would be a 6-way tie:

1. Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns: "Let the Healing Begin"

2. Doc Kupka's Strokeland Superband: "Bumped Up To First Class"

3. Judith Owen: "Lost and Found"

4. Chris Jones: "Roadhouses and Automobiles"

5. Alexi Murdoch: "Time Without Consequence"

6. Tower of Power: "Oakland Zone"
Grant Green "Grant stand".
Nick Drake 'Family Tree' is a nice eclectic mix
Bassics by Ray Brown Trio
Sufjan Stevens' "Come On Feel The Illinoise." Even though I found this late in 2007, There was a two week period where I listened to this cd at least once a day. I haven't done that since my early years.
Next was Jane Siberry's "Bound By The Beauty." This is a cd I've had for years but only recently discovered how good it is.
Nice thread!
Charlie Haden/Kenny Barron - Night and the City

Pat Metheny/Charlie Haden - Beyond the Missouri Sky

Stan Kenton's West Side Story

The Waybacks - From the Pasture to the Future

Infamous Stringdusters - Fork in the Road

Schoenberg - Gurrelieder

Brahms - late solo piano, op. 116-119, Stephen Kovacevich
Probably because I have taken it out of my Truck. I drive a lot.

On my home stereo, probably Norah Jones. I need new music.

I too need new music. I just printed this thread so I'll be checking some of these out.
Hey Frank, how you doing?
Jackson Brown's Latest Live album.
Not bad FrankG!! I certainly can't complain (well, I could but no one would listen!). How are you? I assume your system is still top notch?
Mark Knopfler - Shangri-La
According to my iTunes it looks like a tie between Bruce Springsteen's Essentials, and Rebekka Bakken's I Keep My Cool.

While it was released late in the year, in Sept, I found myself listening to Chris Potter's "Follow the Red Line" probably every other day for a couple of months ... just an excellent CD
Well I am a throw back; the 1966 recording of Frank live at the Sands with Count Basie and his band; Quincy Jones arranger.
Sonya Kitchell "Words Came Back to Me"
Jack Johnson "Curious George Soundtrack"
Jesse Cook "Gravity"
Jacqui Naylor "Shelter"
Rush Snakes and Arrows. These guy's have been around for more than 30 years and still rockin with the best. They are even up for a grammy this year. Keep up the jams.
I'll second Jacqui Naylor - Shelter and throw in Kurt Elling - Nightmoves and Jashua Redman - Back East. Favorite female, male and jazz instrumental CDs (right now).
Julia Fischer: Tchaikovsky violin concerto & Mozart violin concertos 1, 2 & 5.
Both SACD multi channel.

Mozart Complete Divertimentos - New York Philomusica CD-2.

Divertimento No. 16 in E-flat (for six winds) is utterly beguiling.
'Steingarten' by Pole, 'Dark days exit' by Felix Leband got lot of spins both on CD and Vinyl.

Also ' The lady and the Unicorn' by John Renbourne got probably as many spins since this is my reference disc to test the system. I end up finish the play almost always.
In the Car: Utopia "Last of the New Wave Riders" a 7 cd box set of live Utopia. It has about 3 or 4 cd's worth of great performances of great music and the rest is decent to good plus.

At home: Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins I love this record! Beautiful (if straightforward) jazz beautifully played and beautifully recorded on Verve.

*NAIL YOUNG "UNPLUGGED" - I like this live recording a lot
*FLAMENCO PASSION (Gino D'Auri flamenco guitars)FIM XRCD 023
EVERLAST "White Trash Beautiful" 2004, Island Def Jam - B00023N3CC.

I'll have to say:
Nickel Creek 'Why should the Fire Die?'
CPR (featuring David Crosby and his son)
The Shins 'Wincing the Night Away'
Wilco 'Sky Blue Sky'
Madeleine Peyroux, Half the Perfect World
Ray Lamontagne, Til the Sun turns Black
Solomon Burke, Nashville
Metheny Mehldau
Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet

Keith Jarrett - "The Koln Concert" and "La Scala".
Every Tomasz Stanko cd I could get hold of.
great thread....chris isaak- heart shaped world