The Cat on the Amp

I've seen a few postings about cats that like to sleep on electronics. Here is a unique solution.

1. Obtain a piece of heavy paper about the size of your component.
2. Buy a roll of duct tape and tear off a piece about 6 inches long. You'll probably need about six pieces for each piece of electronics. Make a loop out of it sticky side out by attaching one end to the other. Place the duct tape loop on the paper. So you should have one sticky side of the loop on the paper with a sticky side up. Do this with all 4-6 tape loops (depends on size of your component.)
3. Place the paper tape side up on your component when you are not playing your system. (You don't want to overheat your amps!)
4. The kitty will unsuspectingly jump up on your amp for a nap, and find itself on the duct tape which they detest and immediately jump back off.
5. After a week or so, the cat no longer even attempts to rest on your stereo equipment with or without the duct tape paper. (If the kitty forgets, you can always do this again. I used black contruction paper and store it under my mono block ampstands for use when needed.
6. Now you've solved this problem without ever fussing with the cat. You might want to provide a small box with a towel next to your listening chair so the kitty can have a warm, comfortable place to listen.
Your problem doesn't sound too bad.

We once had a cat that would claw its way up my Magnepan speakers and sit on the top! Fortunately there was enough clearance between the grill cloth and the diaphram so that no damage was done. I used the "shock and awe" approach to cure the cat of that habit.
Thanks for the tip! My cats love their Accuphase cat warmer during the winter! I understand Pass, Rowland and Levinson also make cats warmers! Years ago they really loved their Class A cat warmer...
Good idea. Also simply using aluminum foil can sometimes startle them when they jump on and be just noxious enough to elicit behavioral modification. (Shock and awe is good too.)

Charlie Daniell, DVM
I don't think tube amps (esp.) without the grill cage would be too comfy !!
One of my cats started to spend winter evenings on top of my McCormack DNA 1/B. He's a smart critter and quickly learned from my loud PSSSSSTs and now sleeps curled up next to the heat sinks. They're far from dumb, they just don't always care....
My cat sleeps on the Satellite receiver. I really don't mind. Of course, if she were to hop on top of my McIntosh 2102 tube amp while it is putting out all of the heat...well lets just say that it would NEVER happen again. This amp protects itself!