The Cable Co

Hi All,

Does customer service get any better than that of The Cable Co? Had a recent mishap as they sent me a 20 amp version instead of the 15 amp for a power cord. I was a little frustrated. I called them and right away John apologized and said "just sit tight we'll make this right". He called me right back and said we are overnighting you the correct 15 amp but we're also upgrading it to the next level. Which is literally double the price! I asked the obvious reflex question "are you serious" because I was in shock. "You'll have it tomorrow". And I did! I cannot say enough about these guys (especially John)! They sent me the next level up and even overnighted it. I am still floored by this level of customer service. I know most everyone here knows of The Cable Co but if you don't don't even buy another set of cables anywhere else! These guys are the read deal! I didn't even know how to say thank you to John...I'm still pinching myself...


I used them years ago quite extensively, tried many kinds of cables in widely varied price ranges, wanted to understand the contribution of cables in total system.


Funny, but since that experience I no longer feel undecided about cables. I've either auditioned or owned much more expensive cable than present, but my cable situation has been static for a number of years with present setup of mid priced off the shelf and diy. Know I may not have best, but feel much bigger fish to fry in context of a whole system.

I’ve had good and bad experiences and have given them thousands of dollars. The guy who normally takes care of me E**** has been mostly good, not always. A few times I’ve spoken to others with less luck. The worst time was about 7 years ago when I wanted to explore cables for a new piece of equipment and brought up a few good ones after careful research. This guy basically called me a fool and why would I ruin the sound of my stereo. I hung up on him. I’ve bought cables since then from other places and am undecided if I’ll ever go back.

I have been doing business with them since 1991 …..and in those years I have spent a lot of money with them and they always given me great service, a competitive price as well as solid advice. However, I personally have seen a decline in all of those former attributes. I notice4d this over the past few years as they did not seem to have the selection of cable that I was looking for, it was tough to sometimes even get a call back and they seemed to really push Synergistic cables to the point that I got annoyed. There was also a time that all you had to do was give them your credit card on a loaner and they sent you the cable. Now I think they retain 10% to '' use '' their cable which would go against the purchase but held if you did not buy it. Well, after a couple of power cord loaners that were expensive, I had a substantial credit with The Cable Company that I really had no use for as I bought what I really wanted from another dealer and was for the lack of better words ; ' stuck ' with a credit with them that I did not use for a long time. I eventually have cut ties with them after 30+ years as I never seemed to get the service , price or selection that I needed from them and I used my credit for some tweak that I never used. Too bad because at one time they were a power house and a great resource for all of us. I do not use them anymore and I do believe that they have been sold to another business entity.