The "British Invasion". A question for you old farts out there.

In school as a young teen ager, we has two groups....the Beatles fans and the Dave Clark Five fans, which I was one of.  In your youth did you have different cliques (I am thinking high school) based on what bands/singers they liked?  I was also in the minority by being a Del Shannon fan.  (yes, I am a dinosaur! ).  Thankfully I aged into Jazz and Classical for the most part, but did enjoy some popular music in the 80s.   And you?

Give me a break. BLUES is an American thing, Everyone else just learned how to play the blues. As a kid in the south in the 50-60s. Blues were a real heart felt "THING" from across the tracks.

Just so you know most of the counties in that area were DRY. The Juke Joints in the sticks were visited by ALL. Liquor and music flowed like water. Muddy Water at that. :-)

I worked on a 55 acre wood farm as a kid in Alabama. Music use to fill the areas from Wednesday - Sunday.  Rag time, gospel, Bayou Blues, some Rock a Billy, like Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jerry Lee, Mavis, Willie Thornton, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins.

Soul was being formed at the time. You could hear it...

James Brown.. Mercy he WAS the hardest working CAT in the business..
Still listen to JB. Sex machine, I feel good. Smookin' good..

BUT the Dave Clark 5.. :-) Just kiddin' OP..

I like shuffle dancin' too.

As an added note to the DC5/Beatles comparison, "Having A Wild Weekend" is every bit as good a movie as "A Hard Day's Night".  At the auteur level it's John Boorman vs. Richard Lester.

I agree with your post as I am always Hungry for those good things 

Paul Revere and the Raiders' Pop Legacy in 5 Songs
  • "Kicks" (1966) Paul Revere and the Raiders. ...
  • "Hungry" (1966) Paul Revere and the Raiders. ...
  • "Good Thing" (1966) Paul Revere and the Raiders. ...
  • "Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be" (1967) ...
  • "Indian Reservation (The Lament Of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)" (1971)

Yes, early garage rock was an American thing, and my preferred music at that time. Bands like Beau Brummels, The Seeds, Count Five, Music Machine, Syndicate of Sound, Unrelated Segments, Zakary Thaks, Electric Prunes, Blues Magoos, Question Mark & Mysterians and The Litter. This was the music I related to with all my adolescent angst, which then led into the psychedelic era, .
Brits evolved in a different direction, all is good in my book, still listen to all these genres occasionally.
And yes, I did like DC5, Bits and Pieces really a garage rock song, heaviosity!