The "British Invasion". A question for you old farts out there.

In school as a young teen ager, we has two groups....the Beatles fans and the Dave Clark Five fans, which I was one of.  In your youth did you have different cliques (I am thinking high school) based on what bands/singers they liked?  I was also in the minority by being a Del Shannon fan.  (yes, I am a dinosaur! ).  Thankfully I aged into Jazz and Classical for the most part, but did enjoy some popular music in the 80s.   And you?

I'm in pieces, bits and pieces at the very thought the DC5 were once held as equal to the Fab Four.  We were too young at the time to understand it was all about the enduring ability to write songs.  That has always been the secret to longevity in the Rock & Roll game.  A very few exceptions come to mind.  Joe Cocker would be one.  
ABBA is back.!
My favorite quote from the article:
" "Bringing the ladies in, we didn't really know what to expect," said Andersson. "Because I mean, they're not 30 anymore, they're 70-plus. They came in and they started to sing, it was like bang! Spot on."
Guess you just had to be there- Hearing Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys while the British Invasion was taking over the airwave on radios everywhere?

I've tried a few times-Beatles.  Just can't feel the DC5. That skinny Mick guy  who imitates Black R&B singers and the Rolling somethings...??

The lead singer for the Dave Clark Five was Mike Smith. Mike died a few years back because of complications from an earlier accident.  Actually I looked it up and Mr. Smith died longer ago than I thought.  Time does pass quickly.