The "British Invasion". A question for you old farts out there.

In school as a young teen ager, we has two groups....the Beatles fans and the Dave Clark Five fans, which I was one of.  In your youth did you have different cliques (I am thinking high school) based on what bands/singers they liked?  I was also in the minority by being a Del Shannon fan.  (yes, I am a dinosaur! ).  Thankfully I aged into Jazz and Classical for the most part, but did enjoy some popular music in the 80s.   And you?

I’m not that old. Beatles fan all the way but did listen to the only rock AM station we could get.  My parents listened to KFI for all the non rock and the Dodgers and watched both tv channels. Gary and Pacemakers, and Herman’s Hermits for me....
Wait am I that old?
For me it was the Kinks,Yardbirds and Manfred Mann against the world, but the big battle was the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones.  And there was those people who preferred Donovan to Dylan.
Don't you just love age prejudice, it is so intellectual.

Much of the Jazz I love is from the 40s through the 60s, so I guess Miles, Chet, Bach and Mozart are simply just old fashioned music for those not with it. 

I look at the post WWII generation with much admiration particularly those who were teens during the time R&R was brewing.

At least the stories I’ve heard, it was a magical time to be a music freak in SoCal, where I live.

Being at the tail end of the BB generation, I missed just about everything that essentially changed the face of music.

The late 70’s-80’s and present have moments, but they are tiny blips compared to the earlier times. I am grateful to have at least experienced a taste of why radio was such a big deal. Now that’s just reduced to PBS. Depending where you’re located, maybe you have a dying station hanging on.

The upside- I have an ENDLESS source of music discovery going backwards. My record stores have plenty of cheap LP’s of fantastic music.