The Blues, Audiophile Style

Couldn't help myself, I had to post this. It's from an old post several years ago by a fellow whose forum name is "launche" at a different well known audio forum. (maybe here too) I'm definitely not taking credit for this.
Wanted to share it with my fellow Audiogon audio folks who maybe haven't seen this before:

This was left unnamed so I suppose the writer would have named it "The Audiophile Blues" Take a look.

I got the blues, I said I got the blues. I got the my hi-fi system doesn't sound like I want it to blues. You done me wrong, you treat me bad. You no good system, low down dirty, rotten, stinkin', lying, cheating system. You done made me sad, made me mad I ever brought you into my room. I took the time, treated you right (I elevated your cables sugar.) Turned down the lights, gave you my full attention every night. Gave you a special platform to sit on, like a queen on a throne. What more could a system want baby, I spent my money, I spent my time, set you up right, got you dedicated lines. But you treat me bad, you change your mood, play right only when you want to. That 'ain't kind baby, this 'ain't my baby. I gotta get rid of you system, get you out the door before too long. Better get your act together, gonna try one more tweak, one more song. Better play it right, don't play it wrong or you're going to find yourself on Audiogon. Get 'Gon.
Fantastic! Nope, I never heard it before.
One day... perhaps, you will get "synergy"! I, finally got it,! I'm proud to have the blues!
I wish I could say... I'm BB King or what's his name?, Don't matter anyway, I'm the same man you knew the other day, Yeh, I've got the blues, the down baby blues.!
Yeah can't hear the bass,better twist a few knobs, there's the bass but now it covers up the highhat,i got the blues nothing sounds right i'm tossin and turn just to get it right
Epic. :-D. I could rock that. Mighty inspirational. So whenever I'm frustrated with my gear I just sell it.. right? lol! thanks for the laugh