The blackest black paint ever

Thought I'd share, I bet there's a bunch of applications in HT screens here:

Also, it's very cool stuff. I have no financial interest in it, but figuring out a good use for it will keep me up for a while.
erik_squires could use it to paint the edge of CD's.

I actually heard about a high end car, maybe a Mercedes, that was painted with a new super black paint and the writer was saying that the look was amazing and hard to put into words. 
That is at least as black as the Stewart Filmscreen black velour screen border fabric used here. Plus costs less, and goes on a lot easier. 

The Stewart material is so black the projector can shine right on it and you can't see it, at least not from viewing distance. Makes for a real quality viewing experience. Cool stuff. 
Black for me is a lava tube with the lights out.
It's not just the blackness that matters, but also the degree of lack of reflectivity (sheen). Krylon offers a model named "Ultra Flat Black", catalog no.1602. It's like a black hole! 
look to the deep sea fish if you want to understand black
of course this is science based, not the stuff of faux fantasy
IF you look hard enough, eventually you will find (see ) Schrodinger’s cat

only the serious will understand this
It's like how much more black could that be? The answer is none. None more black.