The Black Keys

I like their music enough to want to get a few of their records on vinyl. I'm especially interested in their last two albums, "Brothers" and "El Camino." However, after doing a search on A-gon, it appears the sound quality of their records might be lacking. The post were, admittedly, talking about their earlier albums, but from what I've read about the band, they indeed seem to have embraced a garage band approach to recording their albums as evidenced by recording in a warehouse or basement. Is that so?

I'd very much appreciate if anyone who owns or has heard "Brothers" or "El Camino" on vinyl on a good quality analog set-up offered their opinion. Thanks!
Since Attack & Release, their actual "studio" stuff became much more polished because they were working with Danger Mouse as their producer. Subsequent albums became better quality, but are kind of of a type of music that really doesn't lead itself to too much polishing. On that note, Brothers was self produced in studio so it sounds a bit rougher than El Camino, which got Danger Mouse back producing. They're both great albums, just not really audiophile quality. I own their entire catalog and find them much more at home on my 1200mkii than on my Scout but still play it through my Rogue Tubes and Vandersteens. I don't find that it's anything I'd do any critical listening to. I'm pretty sure they weren't pressed immaculately either though you can find them on 180g.

Hope that helps.
Thank you, Curtisbaby. It does help. I had the same impression sampling "Brothers" and "El Camino" on youtube. Great music, but definitely a bit rough producing job, "Brothers" more raw than "El Camino." You confirmed my expectations.

Incidentally, I also have a VPI (Classic) and Rogue amps (99 and 180s) so your feedback was even more relevant. Greatly appreciated. Happy New Year.
I actually think that 'Brothers' sounds better than 'El camino', at least on my system.