The Big Misconception About Electricity

This vid goes quite a ways down the road to explaining why:

1)  Power cords make a not so subtle difference.

2) Cable elevators should not be looked at askance.


Regards, barts


It goes even deeper than that, the white coats that tell you about infinite other dimensions, Black holes, Neutron Stars, Dark energy...which is supposedly different than Dark Matter etc etc etc....

They Don’t even know what Gravity is. They have no idea.

All their theories are castles built on a foundation of sand.


They don’t even know what Electricity is.... So the 2 fundamental forces that shape our life, they have no idea what they are.....or even, if both are two manifestations of the same underlying phenomena.


Dare to step outside the orthodoxy, and they label anyone who even raises this simple question.. A total nutcase.

This is what Tesla did at the end of his life, and he was excommunicated from the Church of Science. Einstein to his eternal credit did the same thing, he raised similar questions about his own work, and his followers forced him into an early retirement.

what you are dealing with here is not science, but as Tesla himself put it, a Cult of Metaphysics. It’s all mumbo Jumbo, completely divorced from reality.


Nicola Tesla’s was way ahead of his time and Wireless electricity is not as far fetched as you may think. It’s the filthy Rich that dreaded the thought  of free energy ,thst why wardenclif funding ran out ,if Tesla was a good business man and made Westinghouse pay over a $1 per Horse power he would have ruled the electrical world, instead he ripped up the agreement ,and was grossly taken advantage of.  Edison used him ,and Marconi literally stole several of teslas patents it was in fact Tesla not Marconi that developed the Radio,

and several years after Tesla died they finally awarded Tesla his due.

and literally 1,000s of pages of his life work and trumks  of research and inventions 

were just stolen by the FBI the day Tesla died and never  returned to his family or country even RF remote control was invented by Tesla 100 years ago  and he was able to use the ground as part of conductor  and lit lightbulbs and other things 50 years away , what if ? And in ancient times they had technologies That were lost we are just trying to reinvent,  I will leave this with you the pyramids were never made for the pharaoh s, Ever , and geometric precision by chance hardly ,

and thought for the day,Baalbek in Lebanon 1 block moved over 20 miles 1.5 million lbs , and made of granite no Diamond tipped saws , ,our biggest cranes today on even terrain 350,000 lbs , it’s funny how we dismiss what we don’t understand, or can’t explain .Anti gravity !  Look up coral castle in Fla ,he knew the lost secrets of the pyramids !! We don’t !!

Man has a body a soul and a spirit....

No science  will mature BEFORE  the rediscovery of this fact...

I think that we assist on the world scene to the beginning of this renewal....