The''best'' used mini speakers Polk...Bose..??

I have decided to , upgrade the sound of the T.V. I have the stereo receiver and now am considering some used mini speakers
The polk m5's or any others people may suggest would be helpful .

Thank You

If your TV has a variable level audio output, then just run that to any of numerous active (or powered) speakers.

What price point and size are you considering?
Definitely not Bose.

Polk M5's can sound pretty good with an updated crossover.
Bose all the way !!!
the small NHTs are really good and are on closeout now. Check Stereophile for their listings.....
I have two holes that say
'' audio out put "

is this what you mean ?

I would like to spend up to about $ 100


"BOSE" !!!
Alex, yes, you'll have two RCA connectors (probably labeled Left & Right) in the Audio Output section on the back of your TV. Using the TV's setup system you may find a setting for the audio output to be either Fixed or Variable. If you do, then by selecting Variable the TV's remote volume control will control the sound level of the external speakers.

There are a few powered speakers in your price range:

You understand that if your TV has a variable level audio output that using powered speakers you won't need a receiver. Just turn on the TV and adjust volume like normal.
KRK systems out of Huntington Beach CA....
Hi .

Thanks for the help , but I am really wondering if I could get a better sound out of a fine mini monitor.

And I wont to get something " used" for better value .

+1 for powered speakers; the values just keep getting better. Take a look at AudioEngine 2's, 5's, or any number of the KRKs, which sound fantastic and would handle TV dialog particularly well.

You'll generally find KRKs at studio supply and music stores such as Musicians Friend.