The best used, high quality moniter $1000 budget

I am looking for a small good-looking moniter to be used in a stereo config w/a mk350 sub. Mostly it would be movies, some internet radio. Because of decor problems in this living room they need to be less than or around 14" high and will be against a wall(front ported?) on furniture flanking a 55" big screen. The room is 16 x 22 with 17' ceilings. Currently I have B&W LM1 and play surprisingly loud. The other stuff is B&K ref20 proc, verizin fios, apple tv, hafler p4000 amp(225*2). I have a jl113 in the other room that I could switch w/ mk350 for the lows if it mattered. My short list from used mkt browsing, Genesis im5200, bw805m, kefxq10, canton karat proac 1s. We have a dedicated media room (hardly used) with Tyler linbrook moniter and Jl 113. HK receiver and BK ref 3 ch amp 3*220. I could swap if the other stuff fit, but it doesn't, Any suggestions as I have only heard the bw 805m and read about the other stuff.
Other, they also needs to crank as some movies can get loud. Also not interested in adding more speakers because of the rooms limits.
The Usher S520 is a great, ultra-compact, front-ported monitor. They list for around $450, but should compete well with anything else in your budget. The fit and finish alone is excellent. If you're pairing these with a sub, I think you'll find them excellent.
B&W 685 or a used B&W 705
fritz carbon 7's a bit over your budget, but well worth it, definitely a giant-killer
otherwise check out ascend sierra-1's for under $1000