The Best upgrade for digital

I personally have done many upgrades with capacitors
power supplys and have owned 4 different brands of clocks and regulators the Best my a Large margin is a new one
Called the Terra Firma Lite Bit clock ,and their flagship the Uberclcock. These clocks and power boards have made more of a difference than any combination of things in the digital chain many people use the term Analog loosly.
I now feel I don't miss records all that much now when playing a cd or sacd.
With These clocks I have found out The Swiss designer
went back and discovered many parts of the noise in the low freqency has not been addressed Just digital jitter the Crystal ocillators themself produce noise in the signal path . My technician on the East coast gave a better price and included shipping ,beware of who you go to a few have horrible feedbacks without mentioning names down south.
There are plenty of customer reviews and articles in positive feedback online.
I went to the website you linked when you posted a similar thread yesterday. I was not clear about a couple of things. First, how much does it cost for the clock upgrade, and can it be done to a stand alone transport? Second, is the board upgrade a seperate thing? Last, please tell us where you had it done so that we can contact them as well.
To Roxy54 and others the Terra Firma lite is a Bit clock
and the price is $1600 retail for the clock & filter board and regulation board and installation. the flagship Uberclock is about 20% better still and is $2650 retail and the Uber clock is a whole external unit transformer filtering regulation and Bitclock,that is connected via a matching BNC cable.
What seems a little pricy is not at all for even the internal lite model is far better than any clock and board
out there and made a far bigger improvemnt than any capacitors and regular word clock burson, audiocon Dexa clock Nuetron star.Also My technician is the only one that offers 15% off on any build.My tech has been around for well over 30 years and has mainly worked in the professional studio field ,he is now working privately
and is allways busy.If you would like to speak with him
email me and I will forwards his Company details,it was well worth the efforts over tradionional
Old hat thinking technologies.