The best test CD ?


I'm looking for my first test CD to buy, I would appreciate if someone could help me choose among the ones that are being sold on the market today.

What do you want to test?

XLO Test CD has the most comprehensive system tests for my money, especially Track no 3 (speaker set up track).
best musical selection test CD would be Chesky ultimate demonstration disc
The music CD(s) you enjoy and listen to most.
Should have been a little more explicit; I'm looking for a CD to use with a SPL meter and masure the frequency response in my room.

Foxtrot, check with Rives Audio. I believe they sell a test CD to be used in conjunction with the Radio Shack SPL meter.
Or the stereophile set, includes test tones, pink noise, etc. and even a few very listenable tracks interspersed throughout the three CDs. Available on their website.
The Rives CD is the easiest/simplest but the ETF software is better if you have a laptop.
Thanks, for the replies so the research begins to choose one...or two.