The best sub 300 speaker cable (9ft+)

Any speaker cable (new or used with length of at least 9ft) under $300 were considered best by you?
Can't say that i've tried all of the various cables out there, but i have tried more than a few big names along with quite a few "home brews". While any cable IS system and personal taste dependent, i have had the best luck with Goertz MI-2 out of any of the "commercial" speaker cables. If anyone does try these cables, i would HIGHLY recommend using the impedance compensation networks ( zobel's ) that Goertz supplies free of charge. I would also recommend that you verify that the cables were FACTORY assembled and NOT assembled by a dealer or individual. Sean
i m very happy with xlo cable on my rel studio 2.
The only cable I've tried recently was the Analysis Oval 9 over a 3 day period. I might have perceived a bit more 'air' but felt the bass response was bettered slightly be my 8yr. old AQ Midnights. These could probably be had for $150 used and is - apparently - still a pretty decent cable.