The best State or region for Audiophile

I will say "Washington State", especially Northwest of Washington State.

1. The home electricity cost is low so you can play A class power amplifier with less cost.

2, It is not very hot during summer on West side of Washington State.

Even with occasional hot temperature during daytime, it cool down to around 50 degree during evening.

Thus you can play music without noise of air conditioner.

3. There are some high end shop around Seattle area.

With this respect, I prefer New York or Los Angeles area to Seattle.

It is not that bad around Seattle.

4. The cost to maintain spacious listening room is relatively low.

Since it is not that cold during winter or not too hot during summer on West side of Washington State, it cost less to keep spacious listening room at comfortable temperature.

Property tax is also reasonable unless you live close to downtown of Seattle.

5. No state Tax

It is good for retired people.

On the other hand, gas price is pretty high in Washington State.

Thus you tend to spend more time at home rather than driving outside.


I welcome your input on this topic,   ladies  and gentlemen.

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In DC we have drive by shootings.
with excellent transient and overall dynamic range response, no doubt.

The closer they are to you... the more realistic they sound....