The best SS integrated amplifier for Focal 807W Prestige speakers

I'm thinking about buying a new SS Integrated up to 5k. My main speakers are Focal 807W. (92db, very revealing).
Looking for the transparent and detailed sounding Integrated amplifier. Must have Rec Out.
I tried with the following amplifiers but it didn't sound right:

Arcam A19 - Great dynamics, veiled (brushed) highs
Parasound Halo - Great dynamics, veiled highs and no details.
Musical Fidelity M3si / M5si - Not so good dynamics, slightly rolled off highs and no details
NAD C356BEE - Great dynamics, acceptable highs and of course no details. Terrible volume gain.
Naim Nait 5si - Great dynamics but totally not musical.

Speaker cables:

Thank you in advance on your opinions.

Forgot to mention. Speaker cables and Interconnects: Cardas Clear Light
The Marantz PM11S3 Reference may just be what you're looking for. I own one and and very happy with the performance. I think it meets all of your criteria. It has an excellent phono stage and the build quality is outstanding. There is a very positive review in TAS.
I also recommend the Marantz Reference integrated. Make sure you use a quality PC (like a TWL Digital-American) as I've learned that the full potential of this Marantz is held back by lessor PCs. 

All the best,
Like the previous two posters, I too am a Marantz reference owner having a PM15S2.  As much as I love this amp and would not hesitate to recommend it, after trying six amps with none satisfying you I would ask another question...

How do you know it's not the speakers you object to?

I listened Focals 807W and Diablo Utopia with the Boulder 865. The best sound I've ever heard. Since then everything else sounds wrong.
Also, with the Rowen moded NAD C375 (very nice sound, just lack Boulders dynamics), but it's available only in Europe.
Unfortunately, we in US do not have the opportunity to hear the NAD
gear modified by the Rowen Audio. The NAD would the best selling electronics

Did you hear these amps driving your speakers in your room?

Perhaps it's the acoustics in your listening room that is preventing you from duplicating what you heard.  But if your confident that the various amps you have tried are truly the problem, then I suggest the Marantz reference integrateds as previously mentioned.  Good luck!
Actually I listened the Boulder in my living room for two day's and the sound was just perfect. The NAD I heard last year in Germany (Berlin Audio Show). Of course that is impossible to duplicate the Boulder sound but at least close to that sound. Thanks on suggestion.