The best speakers to pair with McIntosh MA7000 ?

I recently purchased integrated amp McIntosh MA7000 and I want to buy speakers now, so I am asking for help. Which brand or model is the best to go for? My price range is up to $10.000.
Thank You
That's a mighty nice looking amp!

Glancing at the specs, it looks like it should be able to drive most anything, so I think you can choose your speakers to audition depending on your preference.

If you are willing to consider something a little different with a big potential payoff, I'd consider doing an in home audition of a pair of larger OHMs ( These could run only half of what your looking to spend and can compete with speakers costing even more.

I'd love to hear my OHMs on that amp!
As you probably already know, speakers are the most personal choice that you will make for your system, and nobody can make it for you. The good news is that you have a great integrated amp that will really drive almost anything, and drive it very well. Go listen to as many types of speakers as you can, dynamic, planar, horn etc. and see what you fall in love with.
And take your amp with you when you for demo purposes. Sure it weighs a hundred pounts, but if someone wants you buy $10K speakers in this economy I'm sure they'll carry it into the store for you.
ATC 19s or 20s. They will really dig out the detail in your music.
Match the speakers to your room size.
I own the MA6900. Though I have not heard the 7000, I am told it is identical, except for the additional power, more I/O choices, and updated cosmetics. I have paired the MA6900 with several Sonus Fabers to excellent results. I currently own the Grand Pianos (I like a laid back sound). Also worked well with Vienna Accoustics. Pairing the MA6900 as part of a more dynamic system (B&W Mark IIs) worked worked well too. It's a versatile amp. And, because it is a favorite of many stereo stores, you should be able to audition it or the MA6900 with several speakers relatively easily.
I also own the MA-6900, and have found the combination of a pair of Kef 201/2s and a Rel B3 to be absolutely heavenly. I didn't like the pairing as much with the Dali Helicon 400s I tried, but loved the Totem Mani 2s as well.
Enjoy that awesome amp!
I replaced a Levinson 383 with the MA7000. My system also includes Theil 2.4's and a Sim Supernova CD player. These items compliment each other quite well. The 2.4's are very revealing, the MA7000's smooth and powerful sound is a perfect match. The amp seems to have limitless power and is very dynamic. I also tried the MCD500 CD player which has slightly better detail and midrange than the Supernova.
Has anyone compared these amps w/ the MA6900 ?
MAC told me the autoformers in the 7000 are much larger than the 6900's and the 7000 has much higher output current. The amp section is a redesign of the 252 improving detail and transparency. They said it's a totally different animal!
I am currently using Harbeth SHL-5 ,, and is getting great results,,,,much better than compared to my other B&W 805S,,,! ,,,,
Try the MAGNEPAN 3.6r if you have the room for them I used them with my MA700 they sound fantastic.I had a MA6900 the MA7000 is better hands down in every way.
Sonus Faber. Choose a model that fits your room and budget.
Sonus Faber will do partner well with the MA7000.
like cappuccino said, +1
Why do recommend Sonus Faber? I'm currently considering Sonus Faber Cremona (or maybe Liuta) vs. Focal Electra 1028 or 1038. Would like to hear your thoughts. I heard McIntosh on Focals and thought the highs were sublime and smooth (at least on their higher end models).

I am using Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos with my MA7000 and the results are phenomenal. I would suggest looking for a used pair of these speakers or giving consideration to the newish Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's (The M's are better than the original Auditors) Properly set-up, the Auditor M's are unbelievable speakers and are well within the price range you have set.

Although these are stand mounted "monitor" type speakers, the imaging and soundstage are astronomical and the bass is 'full enough"

I am using a JL Audio F-112 sub with my Guarneri Mementos and together they equal supposedly full range speakers costing $50,000 or more.
I am powering B&W 802Diamonds with the 7000. Simply wonderful.....