The best speakers over 50K

I am curious.  I recently heard a pair of Vandersteen Seven speakers and I thought they sounded as good as any speaker I heard at this price.  Yet, when I look to the various forums where the users discuss the best speakers, I never see these listed.  Am I missing something?
>50k means almost nobody knows them well.  It's a nonsense price range where appealing to vanity is far more important than performance.  
tagging on to jon’s idea...

... perhaps i am out of line to mention this idea

how about spend $15-20k on speakers, and donate the rest to your favorite charity or social cause?

life outside the high end hi fi bubble sees many in dire need

i suspect the music will sound even sweeter 
Do you have to spend over $50k? I'd check out the ATC SCM50ASL, ATC SCM100ASL and PMC IB2A-AII.
Jjss49, not sure sharing your philosophy regarding donating is needed on the forums. Question was what 50k speakers....we can answer regarding that or not answer.