The best speakers over 50K

I am curious.  I recently heard a pair of Vandersteen Seven speakers and I thought they sounded as good as any speaker I heard at this price.  Yet, when I look to the various forums where the users discuss the best speakers, I never see these listed.  Am I missing something?
It's not all that easy to find +$50k speakers and in the showrooms at axpona I struggle to equate what I'm hearing to what they're asking.
The Charney Audio Concerto Lumaca with AER BD3 drivers $85k.  Full range single driver horns designed on the Tractrix theory. Engaging 3D sound with off the charts imaging, soundstage, highs, mids, and deep articulate bass. The artists are with you in the room. So engaging you get a deeper understanding of the artists intent.
MAGICO M3s,MAGICO M2s and MAGICO M6 jump on one of these ASAP!!!!!!!
lots of happy Vandersteen 7 owners listening to music. You can see them on my Poverty Bay systems page along w his Model 7 amplifiers.

I love mine and Treo CT in another system.

How can I help you ?

enjoy the music

Mbl but only if the right room. 
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You have Treo CTs AND Sevens! Good God, man. I'm dying for Treos and you went to heaven with Sevens. Congrats. ;)
i’ve liked Vandersteen Sevens every time i’ve heard them at shows. a fine speaker and i think worthy of it’s price tag. i owned a similarly configured speaker, the Evolution Acoustic MM3’s, for 6 years (2006-2012), and maybe slightly preferred them.

since 2012 i’ve owned a twin tower speaker system, the Evolution Acoustic MM7’s, which you can see on my system page. it does cost more than $50k.

when you get into MM7 territory, there are a number of really good speaker systems, but the room and set-up will become the limiting factor. to get the most out of those type speakers is a huge task. you cannot just plunk them down and expect magic. speakers with big very dynamic sound requires a finely tuned room to harness it. therefore; hearing ’mega’ speakers in an audio show only allows for a hint of it’s capabilities.

try and find a mature system with those type speakers to get what they can do. it will take effort to find a system like that to hear. and just because someone owns big expensive speakers does not mean they have them optimized. 
There are so many amazing options in that price range.  My personal preferences in this range are:

Raidho TD3.2 or TD3.8.  Love Raidho's sound.  The soundstage they deliver is immersive and engaging in ways few other speakers accomplish.  And the drivers deliver amazing detail.  These are wonderful speakers.  

Marten Coltrane Tenor 2s are incredible.  Big step up in cabinet tech when you get to the Coltrane line and these smaller foorprint Martens are to die for.  Unbelievable imaging from a box speaker.  

MBL Radialstrahler 101E Mk.II loudspeaker - I have heard these at a couple shows and my god do they sound good.  My 7yo son was blown away by how they sounded.  Definitely not for everyone aesthetically by holy crap are they awesome speakers.  
For dynamic speakers the Vandersteens are excellent. When it comes to other dynamic speakers in that price range it is not better or worse. It is a matter of what flavor you like best. My own taste left dynamic speakers a long time ago. I do not like enclosures, analog crossovers and point source speakers. The only place for me where a dynamic driver is useful is in subwoofers. Regardless of how much money I inherit I am only interested in 8 foot tall one way ESLs. The only one on the market these days is the Sound Labs 845 and I am chomping on the bit to get a pair. Yes, they are friggin huge and in most domestic situations butt ugly. Your wife will divorce you, your dog will howl and the ghost of Stanley Kubrick will haunt your house thinking you stole the Monolith. But,it is all relative. When my wife first met me I had a set of Magneplanar Tympani's. Hearing the Sound Labs with a great system is a life changing experience. 
The Classic Audio Loudspeakers model T-1 falls into this category. Its easy to drive (98dB and 16 ohms) is very fast, smooth and detailed; owing a lot to its field-coil powered midrange driver, which is a beryllium diaphragm with a Kapton surround, which has its first breakup at 35KHz. But the woofers are field coil powered too- a forward firing 15" and a downfiring 18", crossed over at about 250Hz.

People often comment on its ESL-style speed, but of course this is why you go field coil, as the magnetic field in the voice coil gap does not sag when current is applied to the voice coil; its the only way to get that sort of speed without going ESL and for the same reason that ESLs are so fast- there's a power supply that powers the motor. The nice thing about the efficiency of course is that with many manufacturers, their smaller amps sound better and you get less thermal compression.

A second great speaker in this category is the Majestic from Sound Lab. This is the state of the art in full range ESLs bar none.
@patricdowns ya man, i am blessed. took a LOT of risks in my thirty year career and lucked into this. 

to the OP, Mikes comments are spot on about dialing it in to the room. Anybody can buy good gear - extracting the max out of it is another matter. I will say, 11 bands of analog bass EQ per speaker in the powered Vandersteen models allows you to place for best image and slam and then tune low bass below 120 hz for the room.
Audio Machina XTAC. The amplifiers that are required and included make these much more than simple array speakers. Read the white paper and learn why these are completely unique. Planning a trip back this fall to hear them again with my software. 

You can always add an Eminent Technology TRW-17 True Subwoofer to your speakers (and "non-true" subs ;-) to reach $50k. If you don't yet know that Bruce Thigpen is a genius (or at least a very clever fella), check out the TRW-17. TRW stands for Thigpen Rotary Woofer, and it was designed to reproduce 20Hz and below, flat to 1Hz! Not cheap, but hey, you got $50k to play with, right?

If you're not in a hurry, you can always wait for the (possibly) upcoming model from Magnepan: the "30.7 for Condos". Midrange magnetic-planar drivers, a ribbon tweeter, and OB/dipole subs. If you can't wait, get the 30.7 and multiple GR Research/Rythmik OB/Dipole Subs. Oh, and the ET TRW-17. ;-) 




BTW, I find MBL have poor coherence and timing
After installing many pairs of Vandersteen 7s,and Richards other tun-able speakers I can tell you with confidence that hearing is believing.The 7s adaptive performance with its adjustability removes the age old question "works great there but how will it work in my room" Best ,JohnnyR
Tidal speakers are hard to beat.The G2 Contriva is just above the $50k level and they go up from there both in price and performance.Really hard to beat..
Magico A5's that sounds like a million dollars !
>50k means almost nobody knows them well.  It's a nonsense price range where appealing to vanity is far more important than performance.  
tagging on to jon’s idea...

... perhaps i am out of line to mention this idea

how about spend $15-20k on speakers, and donate the rest to your favorite charity or social cause?

life outside the high end hi fi bubble sees many in dire need

i suspect the music will sound even sweeter 
Do you have to spend over $50k? I'd check out the ATC SCM50ASL, ATC SCM100ASL and PMC IB2A-AII.
Jjss49, not sure sharing your philosophy regarding donating is needed on the forums. Question was what 50k speakers....we can answer regarding that or not answer. 
1+.....stick to the subject...!!!
Rockport Altair II or Cygnus.

Good luck, 
The two best speakers I have heard are above $50k:

1. Stenheim Alumine 5
2. FM Acoustics XS1

Honorable Mention:
3. Zellaton Statement
OP:  I understand your question, and it is interesting, but who would equate $$ with "good?"

Better yet, go listen to everything you can and pick what you like.  I guarantee you that much less costly Magnepan speakers reproduce music better than any box speaker regardless of cost.

Having typed that, I say go for it.  There are several companies that box-up drivers in beautiful cabinets and sell them for hundreds of thousands of dollars that are probably decent sounding to some.

Enjoy the music!

I understand your question, and it is interesting, but who would equate $$ with "good?"

Lots of people. Once you start measuring things in terms of arbitrary fiat units created from nothing its only one small step to fantasy posts equating the meaningless digits with sound quality.

(Having no listening skills makes the slide so slick you can't believe.)
open your own thread about equating $$$'s to good if that makes you happy.

does every thread about expensive gear on audiogon have to slip into the (1) social consciousness narrative, or (2) buyers of expensive gear are delusional? 

get's very tiring. sigh.
The best speakers I've heard was Magico M6 and Focal Utopia but they are way more expensive. 
Closer to $50k I really liked MBL 101 and Bayz Courante. And a little below is Stenheim Alumine 3.
I am not sure there is such a thing as "The best speakers over $XXXXX", but Tidal is as good as it gets for my ears.