The best speaker you ever heard?

In my opinion, the speaker is by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great speaker... No go.

I am a bit 'speaker-obsessed' I guess, and now I am wondering: What are the best speakers you have ever heard, and what made them the best?

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Hi All
I am new on this forum.Having browsed through this thread,I must say that the Rockports are truly special.I have only heard a pair once, and it was an awesome experience.I have to agree with Rlapporte,being a dealer has got little to do with personal tastes.One is a business the other is a passion,so his one man opinion has got nothing to do with company sales, especially at 150k.
Dear Boa2, to tell you the truth, I signed up 3 days ago.I was shocked to see 2001,but what the heck?I can't explain it.I know how most people feel that a commercial chap should mention his background,but even if they don't,it does not matter,especially for a 150k speaker.If anybody is buying such a speaker,the only opinion that matters is his own, and not some commercial or non commercial member on a forum.:-).
Dear Boa2,
Maybe you are correct from a philosophical point of view.For me however audio is a great trip in life,where everybody is entitled to an opinion.As far as purchasing goes, I will finally hear the product before I make a deal.
Recommendations from forum members are only guidelines for me.My way thinking.
We all feel much better,now that the Arrakis is so cheap:-).
You are truly evil,:-).I love the humour.
Dear Boa2.
I new only on this forum.I am quite well versed with what you are indicating on other forums.It is just that I have learnt to ignore such small issues and enjoy audio discussions more.If a person has an opinion, commercial or not, just take it,how to use it is entirely upto you.Besides a person like yourself is extremely intelligent and will automatically know what to to ignore.I too will look under a lot of couches.hehehe.
Dear Skull,when you do take that leap,please donate to the needy, your hyperions that is, I am in the line here first.
I just heard the custom monitoring system at Focus Recordings in Denmark designed by Ole Lund Christensen, and came to the conclusion that all other hi-fi stuff I have experienced earlier, were mere toys compared to this setup.
Not that I want to upset anyone, but I just heard the top of the line MBL setup(with the new 4 tower reference speaker) at the Munich show a couple days ago, forget live music , it was ordinary hifi at best, and was beaten by several systems costing 1/4th the price.After hearing several top systems at the show,and being extremely impressed by some of them, I went to Denmark and heard the Focus setup; end of the audio game for me. I realised the importance of room-speaker interaction like never before, and knew that to equal this, it would mean having this setup at your disposal, as conventional audio is only a game compared to this.
I heard the flagship OSS system.Klaus Heinz the owner gave a demo to a select few. Sitting in the sweet spot, you would be hard pressed to think that such a big speaker could become so correctly proportioned on solo violin and still blow the rafters on large drum solo tracks.A masterpiece of speaker design.
Dear Dingus, excellent choice.Infact that speaker is a text book loudspeaker design.The designer is a genius.The original concept called for a 4" dome instead of the 4" flat mid-woofer, but B&W did not want to fund such an expensive and time consuming driver project.Till date whenever B&W tries to design a replacement, they still cannot come up with even one concept that seems to better the Nautilus project.
BTW the MF and HF drivers on the new Vivid speakers are the culmination of the designers ideas with regards to metal domes.
Here is a little trivia,the original Nautilus was conceptulised as a 5 way, using a 16"/8"/4" dome/2"dome/1" dome.Cheers.
Laurence Dickie, the then head techie in B&W, conceived the Nautilus as a true terminated transmission line to completely eliminate rear wave from the driver.The original design called for the 5 way I mentioned earlier,but was shot down by B&W top brass and was finally conceived as a 4 way that you see.It uses an active crossover and needs identical 4 stereo or 8 monoblocks per pair.The crossover is an advanced Bessel type,originally manufactured by Krell,later due to misunderstandings between the two companies was shifted to another source.Lawrence put in many state of the ideas into this procduct for driver isolation,dome construction,magnet and motor construction and a host of other innovations.The enclosure was manufactured by Lotus sports cars, because the diffraction free design drawn by Laurence's girlfriend (an industrial designer )needed expert fiberglass fabrication techniques.
There is a lot of stuff which I have not mentioned as it will take up pages.
Do check out Vivid, it is vivid in presentation and takes time to get used to,as it is too transparent,Cheers.