The best speaker you ever heard?

In my opinion, the speaker is by far the most important part of the audio system. After all, it is the only part you hear. OK, the other stuff really matters a lot, but without a great speaker... No go.

I am a bit 'speaker-obsessed' I guess, and now I am wondering: What are the best speakers you have ever heard, and what made them the best?

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Have owned big Genesis, Irs 5, X-1's, Maggie 20's, Nola Exotica, etc.

The Rockport Hyperion, my current speaker, is the best I've had. They do everything quite well, and are the most livable and least compromised. Fit and finish, and pride of ownership are first rate. Now I need to figure out how to afford the Arrakis. Yipes.
If anyone accidentally purchased a pair based on Ron
Lapporte's insidious and devious ploy to sell Rockport speakers, I will purchase them from them as an effort to bring balance to the universe.

Seriously, if you're in the market for speakers in the 10k
plus price range, then go hear the lineup.

I love my Hyperions, and the Arrakis could be an even bigger leap forward.