The best speaker wires under $500 new or

Having gone through a major system overhaul this year, and also gotten into debt, I am looking for the best cables you can get for $500 new or used. My system consists of a SFL-2, a Sonic Frontiers Power 2, Gershman Acoustics X-1 and SW-1 combo, Bel Canto DAC-1 digital front end linked to a Panasonic DVD...a Mac-78 tuner etc . . . Although I have upgraded most of the cables and also the power cords, I feel that I am missing something in the speaker cord spectrum. I presently own a pair of Audio Analysis Plus 12.....about $180 a pair.... I bought them because they had such a convincing adversitement, but after all the system upgrades, why do I feel that they are cheating out of something? Is there a speaker wire that really allows music to come across unimpeded, with some full body? I mean, cables that make music sound effortless. I realized that effortlesness can be improved with my power cord upgrade, a pair of Synergistic Master Coupler cords....Ah, I also would like some sweet mids....I somehow feel that my systems sounds a little brighter, perhaps it is the break in process not done with the Power 2 or the DAC-1 or the SW-1. Need help! PS: has anyone heard of the JPS Super conductors?
Audioquest CV-4. Or TaraLab Prime 1000 with individual runs for each poles. This means if your separate Mid/Hi from Low frequencies, you need a total of 8 runs.
i suggest you look at vacuum state electronics web site. i have bought their supercables cook book. incredible sound for very low price (a little work on your part). i do not have quite the system you have; ls2mk2; cal15; macMR67; anthem pwr1; nht2.5i. i am building the silver wires of this had book as we speak. currently i have removed the 10 gauge monster wire and put 30 gauge magnet wire in 6 foot runs ($3.45 from radio shack). it was like taking a blanket off of my speakers!!!! they only rate this as a sonic of 6...silver is a nine. these wires smoke the $1500 transparent cables i tried. anyway it has been very interesting. good luck jim
Hello, I have a demo pair of JENA Labs speaker cables, they are 7'5" long and are a biwire configuration with spades. These cables have a very sweet mid with full mid bass, I think they would compliment your system well and I'm asking $500.00 for them, they retail for $1800.00
Stop !!!! - before going crazy with all this web of cable madness - just purchase the - Mapleshade CLEARVIEW DOUBLE GOLDEN HELIX CABLE @$280 plus approx.$4/shp. - 30 day money back option. Will really even recommend getting the interconnect to compliment the spkr. cable - but not to go crazy - try the spkr. cable first, and if you want to reach me why I praise these cables so much just email.
COINCIDENT - COINCIDENT - COINCIDENT COINCIDENT -Speaker Cables - just a little under $500 - these cables have the Slam immediacy and quickness and more, cannot go wrong with them - These will smoke cables costing 3x -4x the cost. Try them and you will be amazed.These are the 2 major cables I will advice you to check up per my 2 treads.
The Harmonic Technology Pro-11 Plus. This cable has been halting all these wacky wire companies ( like Trancendance ) from ripping off well meaning audiophiles. This cable is impossible to beat for the money. Plus, Jim Wang, the company owner, tends to respond to issues personally. A very rare luxury in these anti-service days.
Mcne: I spoke with Jim recently regarding a question that I had about their Truthlink IC's. I explained in my message that I left on the weekend that I had purchased the cables used. Jim called me first thing Monday morning with the answers to all my questions and I found him to be very nice and down to earth. I also use their PC which being a little (a tad) bright is a good compliment to layed back souces such as my Icon II CD player. Their spaker cable is on my list of things to audition.
check up super cables cook book from vacuum state electronics. i am using their fine wires (at a cost of 3.45$ with r/s magnet wire) it blows away the a/b comparison with transparent x..somthing. 1500$ for 10ft biwire. i like something called signal tape interconnects that were about 8$ that smoke my aq rubies (some assembly required on the interconnects). do not have the best system but running nht 2.5i / 2 anthem amp 1's / ar ls2mk2 and cal 15 and mac mr67. i will say this....i am on the wire band wagon....they can really change your system (for the good or bad). but for 15$ and a little! good luck